Jews Should Learn and Know Arms

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With lethal assaults on the Poway and Tree of Life synagogues as a backdrop, and blatant incidents of violent anti-Semitism reported regularly, Dov Marhoffer, a Holocaust survivor on the Advisory Board of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, is advising Jews to arm themselves, in this new video. He believes calls to disarm Jews or other innocent people are disgraceful. Training, he says, is essential.

Mr. Marhoffer laments how children are being used to corrupt the desperate Jewish call to arms, Never Again!, which became symbolic after WWII. These children, led by kids from a victimized Florida high school are being manipulated by adults pushing familiar so-called "gun-control" themes. They mislead people into believing that psychotic slaughter of school children can be affected by disarming (or "subarming") the general public. Making innocent people helpless does not make dangerous people harmless. Taking guns that people already own is infringement, banned by the U.S. Constitution--and a terrible policy choice. Mr. Marhoffer speaks from traumatic personal experience.

Fortunately, many Orthodox Jewish congregations, recognizing the threat is real, immediate and omnipresent, are quietly gearing up armed countermeasures, a move JPFO and Mr. Marhoffer encourage.


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