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By James Trenton. July 17th, 2014
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A lot of people involved in the fight for gun rights get caught up in the details of daily battles and lose focus of the big picture of where gun control is headed. We focus on specific quotes, an image, or a video clip. We track the newest anti-gun bills and write comments online. All these are important and we certainly need to keep up the fight. But, the people who are plotting to take away our guns are thinking really long term and that means we have to as well.

These groups don't really care if they lose a minor battle here and there. They are planning a long term war that might take decades to implement. America poses a special problem for the gun-grabbers because our culture is so connected to firearms. Their roadmap for gun control involves these steps:


This is primarily aimed at children and young people. This is why they implement "zero tolerance" policies in schools. Children are severely punished for pretending, playing around, or wearing t-shirts. The schools involve the parents and make a big deal out of any minor infraction to teach kids that "guns are bad". They also use books, movies, and television to reinforce this message. Some cities have even set up "gun buyback" programs for toy guns. This teaches children that the only thing you should do with guns is get rid of them before someone gets hurt! Most children are being taught to hate and fear guns. When they turn 18, it won't be very hard to convince them to vote for gun control.


This is what Michael Bloomberg is spending millions of dollars on. The goal is to create a stigma against guns and gun owners. They did this in the 1970s and 1980s with cigarettes and tobacco. First, it was simple reminders. Then, there were articles and research studies. Then, came the bans — first indoors, then outdoors. Eventually, smokers became social outcasts. This was the plan all along: to make society hate some group by constantly demonizing them.

They plan on doing the same thing to gun owners. It starts with simple anti-gun messages. Then, groups like Everytown and Mom's Demand Action start pressuring local businesses. Then, they get people to start pressuring sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to silence gun owners. The government sponsors bogus research studies and anti-gun groups ridicule gun owners and gun culture. Their philosophy is: "the nail that sticks up gets hammered down".

Human beings are social creatures and nobody likes being ostracized. The people who create this propaganda use this trait to create conformity. If people think they'll be made fun of or shunned because of their beliefs, they'll keep their heads down and stay quiet. And that's what the propaganda is all about: making gun owners feel isolated and wrong. It's also about getting others to hate them.

Global Strategy

This is where a much bigger plan for global gun control emerges. It's no coincidence that Obama recently praised the Australian system of gun regulation. The globalists were hoping that what happened in Australia after the Port Arthur massacre would happen here after Sandy Hook. The Australian system of gun control fits the U.N. model exactly. They are the template that all others nations will be patterned after.

U.N. Arms Trade TreatyThe Obama Administration signed the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty knowing that the current Senate would never ratify it. But, you have to remember that this is a long term strategy for these guys. The globalists can leave it sitting there collecting dust, until some future anti-gun Senate comes along who does ratify it. And, THAT is exactly the plan.

The U.N. civilian disarmament plan involves 3 steps:

  1. Regulate the types of firearms that civilians can own
  2. Regulate the 'acceptable uses' of those firearms
  3. Regulate the civilian owners of those firearms

In the Australia, they've already implemented all of these steps. Australians have to ask permission from their government to purchase a gun and pay a lot of money for classes and a license. There's a list of acceptable firearms and the only acceptable uses are target shooting and hunting. (Self defense is not considered an acceptable use.) Australians are also required to keep their guns locked up at the sports club when they're not using them. This is the dream that anti-gunners have for the United States. It may take them a long time to implement it but, you better believe that they are working on the plan at all times.

So, how do we STOP this traitorous insanity?!

The first step is to help educate kids and teach them about shooting and gun safety. There used to be a lot of shooting programs in schools, in the Scouts, in 4H, and summer camps. Most of these are gone now. (It's definitely NOT a coincidence!) Teach your own kids about gun safety and how to shoot. Teach your grandkids, cousins, nephews, nieces, and neighbors. Talk to your neighbors and people at work or church about setting up a gun safety program. Check out the NRA Youth programs that are available. As a gun owner you may be the only positive experience that children get when it comes to firearms. While everyone else is telling them that guns are bad, you can show them the truth.

The second step is to simply be aware of the long-term plan. Knowledge is power. Every time you read a newspaper article or see something on TV, think of it in terms of the long-term strategy. See the propaganda for what it is. How does this fit into their plan? How does this advance their anti-gun agenda? Whenever possible, try to counter this message with truth.

The final step to fight back is to permanently undo the United States' attachment to the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. Keep writing to your Senators! Get them to pass legislation to permanently nullify this gun-grabbing nightmare. The U.S. Constitution is VERY clear when it comes to the individual right of Americans to keep and bear arms. The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty is unlawful in this country and can NEVER be enforced here. The people who have signed on to this global disarmament plan are traitors! They must be voted out of office and replaced by politicians who represent us — "WE THE PEOPLE".

Binaryloop : I've lived all over the US and found that most Americans love liberty but, get fooled into partisan politics. My goal is to wake people up and help them see it's not about left or right -- it's about freedom!

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