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Gun Confiscation is NOW in the California Reich

By Richard W. Stevens, Esq.

California’s attorney general is paying gun owners $230 to sell their fundamental rights. Once a whore sells her virtue, she cannot buy it back at any price. You can’t buy back lost rights at any price.

It was right out of the pages of a police state manual. First there was mandatory registration of certain named "assault weapons." Anyone who wanted to keep one of the named firearms must have owned it prior to June 1, 1989, and had to register it by March 30, 1992. Registration gave the state a list of owners.

The Attorney General’s Gotcha!

Many owners of the named firearms did not comply with the law, so Attorney General Dan Lundgren allowed persons to register them after the deadline. Fearing criminal penalties for possessing an illegal firearm, many owners reported their firearms under Lundren’s "amnesty" program.

In August 1998, however, a California appellate court held the Attorney General could not legally allow the gun owners to register their weapons after the March 1992 deadline. That ruling came after many owners had already identified themselves by registering late. The Attorney General had led the law- fearing lambs into a trap: citizens had voluntarily informed the state that they were felons.

Meanwhile, in May 1999, California Secretary of State Bill Lockyer offered to buy the liberty of California citizens. Paying a flat rate of $230 per trick, the state would "buy back" any SKS Sporter semi-automatic rifle (with a "detachable magazine") that was purchased by its owner between 1992 and 1997. The Governor signed a bill in September 1998 which protected the owners from being prosecuted ... if they turned in the SKS weapons. Call this "confiscation light."

Then California lawmakers passed SB 23. On January 1, 2000, any Californian who possesses a magazine-fed centerfire rifle or carbine may be guilty of a felony. The 1989 law banned weapons only by their names -- the 1999 law bans all such firearms by their features (e.g. pistol grip, thumbhole stock, flash suppressor).

Registration Begets Confiscation

The California Department of Justice has already prepared the confiscation letter. Guess who will get the letter? The form letter itself says it will go to those citizens who were listed in "the Department of Justice’s assault weapon registration file." The people who registered during the previous Attorney General’s "amnesty" are on the list.

The Internet news service, WorldNetDaily, obtained unreleased copies of the confiscation letter. To the registered gun owners, the letter reads: "If you possess a prohibited assault weapon ... but you did not register the weapon until after March 30, 1992, you may be subject to criminal prosecution. You are advised to relinquish the assault weapon to a police or sheriff’s office..."

Compensation for owners? None. The state’s plan is to give the gun owners 90 days to turn in their semiautomatic rifles -- and get nothing.

Learn the Enemy Strategy

Firearms makers and owners must learn to spot the enemy strategy instantly. Here is how it works:

(1) Identify a certain limited class of guns by name, design style or appearance. Give them a wicked name (e.g. Saturday Night Special, "assault weapon," machine gun, etc.)

(2) Register the owners of the limited class of guns.

(3) Expand the limited class of guns that must be registered.

(4) Permit current owners of newly-regulated guns to "escape" legal trouble by registering promptly.

(5) Declare some of the "limited" class of guns illegal, but offer to pay the owners to make it look "fair."

(6) Confiscate all of the "limited" class of guns, without compensation, to "close the loophole" in the gun law. Use the registration list to send letters first, and government agents next.

This procedure mimics that of the Nazi German anti-Jewish laws. First the laws were limited in scope and application. People tried to obey the laws, thinking that the laws would not get worse. Soon the laws expanded and became more severe. Still the people kept trying to adapt to avoid punishment. Eventually the laws mandated the "final solution" to "close the loopholes" through which many Jews were managing to survive despite the Nazi’s legal oppression.

You just saw registration lead to confiscation this year in America’s most populous state. Now will you fight back? Donate the cost of a box of ammo to fight this cancer? Use JPFO’s strategies and materials in your town, city and state?

Contact JPFO at (800) 869-1884 or visit today! Or get ready to be pimped by your state government...

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