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Not All Jews Are Like Charlie Schumer

Aaron S. Zelman, Executive Director
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Nobody ever accused the American Jewish Congress (AJC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of too strongly defending essential liberty. Instead of standing up for the natural rights of all human beings to be free, the AJC and ADL rush to the arms of Big Brother. "Help, help, Big Brother," they cry. "Thereís a man out there with a gun. Abolish the Bill of Rights if you want to, but please, please save our sorry weak hindquarters."

JPFO asks all non-Jewish Americans for one favor: kindly do not judge all Jews by the behavior of the AJC, the ADL, and others who will give up liberty for the illusion of safety in the dangerous embrace of big government.

Not all Jews so eagerly shiver under the table of tyranny. Remember the Jewish hero of the Revolution of 1776 -- Haym Salomon!

Many Jews were migrating to the New World in the 1600's and 1700's to escape government-led persecution. Sometime after 1764, Haym Salomon left Poland to live in America. He spoke many languages including English, and so to develop his thriving brokerage business he personally would meet the overseas cargo ships when they came into the local harbor. In this business Salomon helped trans-Atlantic trade by handling the payment and product delivery arrangements between the American colonies and Europe.

When hostility arose between Britain and the American colonies, many Jews sided with the Americans. Haym Salomon joined the Sons of Liberty shortly after the Battle of Lexington in 1775. During the British occupation of New York in 1777, under the guise of helping the British by ordering supplies for the troops, Salomon worked secretly to help French and American prisoners of war to escape, to encourage foreign mercenaries to desert the British Army, and continue to build his brokerage business.

Salomon continued his risky double-life until he was arrested and imprisoned by the British in 1778 for spying and encouraging desertions. On the night before his scheduled hanging, Salomon bribed a guard to help him escape, and he withdrew to Philadelphia. The British seized Salomonís property and business assets in New York, amounting to well over $120,000 (1999 dollars), leaving him and his family penniless.

Haym Salomon contributed most to the Revolution in 1781-83. After years of severe deficit spending, the Continental Congress (and its Army) labored under huge debt and a terrible credit rating. Salomon, appointed Broker to the Office of Finance, helped raise the sum of $200,000 (1781 dollars) by selling government bonds. When most businesses would not accept the fledgling governmentís bonds for payment, Salomon would personally endorse and guarantee their payment. Salomon also lent money to several key individuals, such as James Madison, to allow them to continue to serve in the Continental Congress.

He had worked to keep the new nationís government alive, but Haym Salomon himself died of tuberculosis rather soon after the United States achieved independence. He left behind a widow with four young children, and a bankrupt estate.

A hunger for freedom. An ethic of working to achieve prosperity. A willingness to lose everything to fight an oppressive tyrant and gain liberty. These virtues described Haym Salomon, a hero of the Revolutionary War.

How different are the modern Jewish organizations and their "leaders" who seemingly have nothing to do with the founding principles of this nation. These Jews would sacrifice the Bill of Rights just to appease an ever more dangerous central government . Haym Salomon never followed that path to secure a tyrantís temporary favor.

Many Jews, certainly those who support JPFO, work to protect the ideals of limited government and individual rights, including the right to keep and bear arms. Unlike Senator Charlie Schumer, these Jews understand that "gun control" means victim disarmament. They see deja vu at the Waco Massacre. They cherish the Bill of Rights.

Jews and non-Jews support JPFO because JPFO never compromises in defending the Bill of Rights, and most especially, the individual right to keep and bear arms. Anyone who agrees with JPFO should join and help carry on this life or death mission.

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