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Who Defends Women Against Campus Rape?
College Doctor Prescribes Guns For Self-Protection

By Richard W. Stevens

Did you know that college women in America face a serious risk of attempted or completed forcible rape? According to a recent Department of Justice study, 3% - 5% of women suffer such sexual crimes each year. Over a four-year period, women stand a chance of at least 1 in 10 of finding themselves confronting an intending rapist.

What can young women do to protect themselves? Dr. Robert J. Woolley, staff physician at the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus health clinic, researched the facts and declared:

The best conclusion from available scientific data, then, is when avoidance of rape has failed and one must choose between being raped and resisting, a woman's best option is to resist with a gun in her hands.

Facts of Risk and Defense

Writing in the University of Minnesota Daily in February 20-21, 2001, Dr. Woolley gave the risk data:

Does the victim’s physical resistance stop rape? Dr. Woolley learned:

Dr. Woolley summed it up:

Research shows clearly that violent crime rates, including rape, are reduced when more law-abiding citizens carry concealed handguns. And there is no woman less in fear of being raped than one who is skilled in the use of the handgun concealed in her hip holster.

University Fails To Teach or Protect

Does the University of Minnesota where Dr. Woolley works (or its rape prevention unit) tell students these facts? No. Asked Dr. Woolley: "Why would the University unit charged with educating students on rape prevention withhold information on the most effective tool a woman could choose?"

Dr. Woolley pointed out that the school even forbids the use of any force in self-defense, and prohibits possession of firearms. The school’s anti-rape literature never mentions the defensive power of a sidearm. He noted that "the University is not providing a rape-free environment, yet it prohibits a female student from defending herself in the most effective way."

What should be done to protect college women? Dr. Woolley frankly suggests training the women to carry firearms safely and to shoot accurately with frequent practice. Whenever carrying a defensive firearms, the women must stay sober to avoid dangerous situations. Long before an actual attack, the young women must develop the self-defense mindset -- the mental commitment to brandish her sidearm when threatened, and if justifiable and necessary, shoot an attacker.

Help Protect College Women

Use these facts to help young women identify with our right to keep and bear arms. Visit the JPFO website to link to Dr. Woolley’s full-text column. Get our Fall 2000 issue of The Bill of Rights Sentinel containing Sunni Maravillosa’s excellent article "Women and Guns." Order the myth-busting booklet, "Will Gun Control Make You Safer?" Get the Sentinel and the booklet free with membership!

Jump on this opportunity -- using these new facts and tools -- to help young people protect themselves and their rights. And make the gun-prohibitionists explain why young women must not be allowed to use serious force to stop a rape.

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