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When the Facts Don’t Convince Them --
Get Inside Their Minds

By Aaron Zelman

If you own and use a firearm, then you have been here -- whether it’s with your golf buddy, spouse, brother-in-in law, bridge partner -- you have been here:

"It’s like explaining billiards to a lamp post! He hates guns and wants them banned. I’ve told him they’re just tools, for evil or good, just tools. I’ve done everything. Tried to share my excitement about a really tight pattern on the target. Shown him all the statistics proving that people are usually safer with firearms for protection. Talked about our Founding Fathers who won our freedom by force of arms. Read to him the true life stories about people who owe their lives to armed self-defense. Nothing worked -- he wouldn’t budge.

"The facts don’t matter to him -- he simply but absolutely will not even think of changing his mind -- he’s against guns and thinks anyone who has a gun is a Rambo wannabe. He gets angry, raises his voice ... why can’t he even discuss this issue logically?"

It’s a Mental Problem

What can be done with anti-gun people who just can’t deal with the truth about guns and gun ownership? Loading them up with more facts and logic probably won’t move them. So you have to get inside their minds. You have to understand what motivates otherwise normal people to shut down on the issue of firearms.

Our newest booklet does exactly what you need: it shows you what is going on in their minds. In just 20 easy-reading pages, this booklet will revolutionize how you talk to and deal with anti-gun people.

The title: Do Gun Prohibitionists Have A Mental Problem? It just may be the most powerful Gran’pa Jack booklet ever published. It’s the path breaking work of psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Thompson, presented in simple terms using real life examples. When you know how anti-gun folks think -- what their psychology is -- you can help them understand you, firearms ownership, and our right to keep and bear arms.

Understanding Is Power

Number 7 in the series, this Gran’pa Jack booklet is truly the most dangerous to the promoters of "gun hate." It helps you communicate better, and it even can help anti-gun people to recognize the mental problems or conditions that might subconsciously be blocking their thinking.

You can devastate the anti-gun ownership movement by using Gran’pa Jack No. 7. With this booklet you can:

• Understand why many people are anti-gun

• Communicate effectively with anti-gun friends and family members

• Avoid frustrating "brick wall" arguments

• Defuse emotionally charged discussions about guns

• See why many women and minorities are anti-gun

• Provide anti-gun people with a positive firearms experience

• Help the public learn to spot when elected officials have mental problems and irrational fears about firearms -- which should disqualify them from making public policy about guns.

You will not find this information anywhere else (except from Dr. Thompson herself). These insights -- about defense mechanisms and corrective techniques -- are not "pop psych" or "feel good" fluff. They are standard psychological ideas applied to the problem of irrational anti-gun thinking.

Like all the Gran’pa Jack booklets, Number 7 packs a ton of information in a few pages -- and in a format that you can use and then share with others. For a single copy, it’s only $3.00 postage paid.

Will You Work Harder … or Smarter?

All gun owners need Gran’pa Jack No. 7 -- the insights, the strategies -- so you can order 100 copies for only $38.00 postage paid. One for every member of your gun club! Other volume pricing is available -- just call.

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