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Death by Gun Control:
The Human Cost of Victim Disarmament

By Aaron Zelman & Richard W. Stevens

Deadly parasites contaminate your drinking water. A rabid dog roams the school playground. The power mad ruler threatens to invade. How do you react? Can you ignore a danger to yourself, your children, and your homeland?

What if that danger is a killer idea?

Our new book, Death By Gun Control, exposes the biggest killer in modern history: the killer idea of victim disarmament. In the 20th Century, at least 170,000,000 people were murdered by their own governments -- more killed than by crime – more than killed by war.

Professor R.J. Rummel, author of the monumental book Death by Government, said: “Concentrated political power is the most dangerous thing on earth.” For power to concentrate and become dangerous, the citizens must be disarmed.

What disarms the citizens? The idea of “gun control.” It’s the idea that only the government has the right to possess firearms, and that citizens have no unalienable right to use force to defend against aggression.

Death by Gun Control carefully examines the “gun control” idea: its meaning, its purposes, its effects. It comes in many forms, but in every form it enables the evildoers and works against righteous defense.

The Mother of All Stats

When the gun prohibitionists quote a statistic about how many people are killed by firearms misuse, the discussion sometimes bogs down into whose crime stats to believe and how to count crimes vs. the defensive firearm uses. Death by Gun Control works on a level that nobody can dispute: documented world history.

In the 20th Century:

• Governments murdered four times as many civilians as were killed in all the international and domestic wars combined.

• Governments murdered millions more people than were killed by common criminals.

How could governments kill so many people? The governments had the power – and the people, the victims, were unable to resist. The victims were unarmed.

Death by Gun Control concisely delivers the horrifying facts of government-sponsored genocide in nation after disarmed nation, including the USSR, Ottoman Turkey, China, Uganda, Cambodia, and Rwanda. The book shows how “gun control” laws and policies are enacted and then employed to disarm civilians ? the civilians who later become the victims when the government goes bad. It examines also the racist roots of “gun control” in America, the rise of criminal violence in “disarmed” nations like Britain and Japan, and Zimbabwe’s teetering toward genocide.

The United Nations is now pushing hard for worldwide “gun control” – the disarming of civilians and the concentrating of arms in the hands of undemocratic governments. The UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights do not protect any individual right to keep and bear arms. Rather, the UN works to empower the member governments – most of which are regimes ruling nations that are not free. Death by Gun Control unmasks the UN’s thinly-veiled “small arms disarmament” agenda.

Contributors Featured

There is much more. Death by Gun Control features articles contributed by:

• James Bovard (Introduction): "Not every firearms regulation leads inexorably to genocide. ... But there is no trigger guard on political ambition."

• Stephen Halbrook, Ph.D. (Chapter 9): How Nazi firearms laws disarmed German Jews -- the whole story.

• Jacob Hornberger (Chapter 10): Retelling the tragic, inspiring tale of the The White Rose Society, college students who paid the ultimate price for freedom of mind.

• Larry Pratt (Chapter 18): What the Bible says to Christians and Jews about self-defense and victim disarmament.

Honored by Endorsements

We are so honored that many intelligent and articulate people have endorsed our book. Here are excerpts from just two of them:

• David Kopel, prominent scholar and prolific author: “One of the best books ever written about the right to keep and bear arms.”

• Wendy McElroy, columnist and author: “Death by Gun Control provides a vital and neglected argument for the right of private gun ownership: namely, that people with guns can defend themselves against government criminals as well as against common ones.”

If you realize that we need to destroy “gun control,” then you need to read Death by Gun Control. Easy to read & use. Prepublication price -- only $16.95, postage paid. Call (800) 869-1884 or click on Bonus with each book: two free Gran’pa Jack booklets are included. Call for volume pricing.

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