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Why Should You Join Us?

By Richard W. Stevens

Have you thought of joining JPFO?

Why did I, a non-Jew, join an organization called Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership?

The best reason: JPFO stands for fundamental principles, and JPFO does not compromise on those principles.

As I surveyed the field, I found JPFO to be the only tax-exempt educational organization that stands resolutely opposed to all “gun control” schemes. Some of the other “pro-gun” groups focus on the interests of sportsmen, hunters, collectors and enthusiasts, but place the Second Amendment as a side issue. Other groups work to lobby politicians for and against legislation. Lobbying is quite important, but lobbying always seems to mean compromising some principles to achieve limited objectives.

JPFO is not a lobbying group. JPFO aims to teach Americans – indeed anyone anywhere with a brain – about the horrific dangers that portend when decent non-violent citizens give up their personal right of armed self-defense and concentrate all power into the hands of governments. It is this message that JPFO has proclaimed consistently and fearlessly for over 12 years. The message is always true whether the politicians, news media, commentators or judges like it or not.

That’s a message I want to get out to people. JPFO is delivering that message. If you agree with that message, then you should join us.

Another reason I chose JPFO: commitment to truth. From the beginning, JPFO offered not just rhetoric and rah-rah but factual proof of its positions. That’s why in everything from its comic-style Granpa Jack booklets, to its full-length novels, to its articles and nonfiction books, you’ll find fact references and footnotes.

If you are using JPFO materials, then you aren’t just spouting an opinion. You’re stating facts. I can speak with authority because I have the facts to back me up – supplied by JPFO.

Another reason: JPFO stands squarely for All the Bill of Rights for All Citizens. It’s not solely a “gun rights” group. Like few other groups in the world, JPFO passionately and forthrightly proclaims the virtues of our Bill of Rights … every right in every clause. That’s the kind of pro-American platform that I, and millions of other Americans, can proudly celebrate. If you cherish our American heritage of individual rights under law, then you should join JPFO.

Many people ask – I asked – how does Judaism figure into JPFO? Can Christians and non-believers feel comfortable with JPFO?

JPFO was founded by Jews initially to move America’s Jews to understand the lessons of history: disarmed Jews (and anybody else) can expect to die when the government turns evil. JPFO does not preach Judaism per se; JPFO does affirm core values that Jews and Christians share, such as: the right to life, the rights to liberty and property that support that right to life, and the limitations on government powers, all as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights.

As a committed Christian and active member of JPFO for over 5 years, I have never had any problem with religious doctrine. And the many non-religious Jews and non-Jews who have joined have not had problems either, because JPFO doesn’t have a religious test. JPFO looks for people committed to the ideas of the Bill of Rights … and freedom of religion is among those rights.

Above all, JPFO advances one cause: the preservation of the individual right to keep and bear arms.

Every person interested in firearms – collectors, hunters, marksmen, dealers – should be dedicated to preserving that fundamental right. Every such person truly should join JPFO.

As a JPFO member, you declare that you stand firmly on fundamental principles. You expand the outreach to share the vision with others. You carry the heritage of freedom to future generations, and to the world.

Ever read a book or watched a film about the Holocaust, the Bataan death march, the Rape of Nanking, the Siberian gulags, the Waco siege, or other genocides and atrocities? Ever swore to yourself that you would never let those things happen again? That you would love to do something to prevent such horrors?

Join JPFO. Become part of the citizen army to make “never again” a reality for all the peoples of the Earth. Save your rights for yourself, your family, your nation … and for everyone everywhere.

Call JPFO at (800) 869-1884 to join. Or click on to use the secure server. Membership is still only $20 annually, with a free subscription to the Bill of Rights Sentinel. Sign up for the free Internet Alert service. Contact JPFO today!

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