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The Last of the BOHICANS

By Aaron Zelman & Claire Wolfe


Too often that’s the reward we get for “working within the system”: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!

How many times has one group or another begged you to write or call your representatives, your governor, your President – to try to get our rights back? Writing letters to the small minority of elected officials who already understand the Bill of Rights is nice but doesn’t change much.

But does anybody really think letter writing and phone calls will influence our opponents in high places? Let's be realistic: Do we honestly believe an arrogant group of known liars and oathbreakers is suddenly going to morph into Patrick Henry just because they receive yet another batch of desperate, angry pleas from people who've been on the losing side of every gun-law battle since the National Firearms Act was passed in 1934?

Why do so many of us keep on bending over, long after our desperate, hopeful actions have gone nowhere? Because we've been conned. It's that simple. We've been buffaloed into believing that "politics as usual" is our only option. We've even been told that being political puppets is our "responsibility" as citizens.

How many thousands of hours have you simply thrown away writing begging letters to politicians, standing at rallies, voting, campaigning, sending faxes, and making calls to "representatives" whose bored office staffers don't even bother to pass along your messages and whose bosses wouldn't listen anyway?

How many times have you helped elect somebody to office thinking, "There, now he'll take care of us" -- only to have him come back a month later telling you, "You just don't understand how things are done on Capitol Hill" – as if he were representing the government, not you?

We rally 'round Party R, alarmed by the terrible things Party D wants to do to our Second Amendment rights. Party R marches into office promising "reform." Then, calling it "compromise," Party R does exactly what Party D threatened to do – and smilingly says: "Think how much worse Party D would have been!" BOHICA!

And how many times have you felt sick watching the public fall for the feel-good language of "safety," "preventing crime," and "reasonable measures" to "protect children" that somehow excuses the latest infringement of our rights?

Sure, you’ve had an occasional, temporary victory, particularly at the local or state level. But the bottom line is: the countless political action dollars and hours have not only been wasted. They have helped your opponents beat you in a rigged game.

Begging to politicians is mostly hopeless for another reason. All the voting, rallying, and political letter writing in the world won't work because it won’t reach the class of professional bureaucrats and enforcers. You didn’t elect those folks. They aren't not answerable to you. They don't care about you and your pathetic little claims of "rights" and "justice."

As people have been busily writing, calling, campaigning and voting, here’s what elected officials and the bureaucrat enforcers have done to our rights:

Have we come to expect to spin our wheels and lose our freedoms? No more: there is an alternative. Change the culture.

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