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Become A Movie Producer – And Change America

By Richard W. Stevens

Your assignment: stand up in front of a crowd and present the most powerful argument for the right to keep and bear arms. Oh, and by the way... your presentation must shatter their illusions, fill their minds, awaken their souls, and leave them speechless.

Too tough? Absolutely! I couldn’t do it without a lot of help, and like you, I’ve been working for years on ways to explain RKBA to people.

The Solution: Play the video.

Which video? The new documentary film we’re making, Innocents Betrayed, will deliver the life-saving message of RKBA that America needs to the learn. With this film, every one of us can be equipped to educate our families, friends and fellow citizens, using the visual techniques that have worked so well against us – let’s fight fire with fire.

Unlike any other film ever made, Innocents Betrayed will show exactly what happens when the citizens are made powerless by "gun control" ideas. It’s one thing to quote statistics in a paper or a speech. Quite another thing to show the actual laws and government edicts, the death and destruction, the victims of "gun control" policies, both here in America and around the world.

Unlike any other pro-rights film that we’ve seen, Innocents Betrayed will speak especially to people who might never have seriously thought about "gun control," the Second Amendment, or any other aspect of the right to keep and bear arms. It will encourage people who already support our rights. It will seriously wake up folks who haven’t thought about the issue. And it will devastate the opponents of our rights.

One consistent theme will carry throughout the film: 170,000,000 civilians -- men and women, children and seniors -- were murdered by governmental authorities in the 20th Century, and those mega murders occurred when the rulers had all the power and the people were practically powerless. "Gun control" policies enabled the mega killers by rendering the targeted people physically unable and emotionally unwilling to resist by force of arms.

Not by sledgehammer but by sophisticated methods that really work, Innocents Betrayed will show why victim disarmament is the necessary key element to horrific genocide. Viewers will come away understanding that "gun control" is a killer idea. As we say, it’s not about duck hunting, and it’s not about trigger locks and magazine capacities; it’s about saving millions of innocent lives.

Innocents Betrayed will feature:

• Made for television production quality
• "Gen-X" visual styling techniques to attract young viewers
• Profiles of 8 major genocides & laws that made them possible
• The American Experience with disarmament and persecution

How to get the film: Easy. Help us produce it!

Your donation of any amount moves the project forward. If you can donate $75 or more, you receive a free, autographed copy of Death by Gun Control (on which the documentary is based). By donating $100 or more, you receive that book ($16.95 value) plus The State vs. The People ($19.95 value).

Donate $250 or more and become a member of the Producer’s Circle. As a Producer’s Circle member your name will be listed with the on-screen credits of Innocents Betrayed, and you’ll receive the two books and a free copy of the film. (Corporations and groups can also become members with a $1,000 contribution or more).

Join with us to move aggressively forward on the cultural battlefield where the forces for victim disarmament have dominated too long. Help us fight back with powerful imagery that can reach people everywhere -- people who won’t sit to read about the facts or listen to debates.

Your decision: Do you want to see Innocents Betrayed produced with the highest affordable quality and power to persuade? Can you imagine how effectively we can teach people about RKBA when we have this video at our fingertips?

We’ve already started this project, and we’re committed to finishing it. The more support we get, the sooner we get the final product, and the higher quality it will be. Your financial support makes the difference!

Bonus for businesses: Contribute $1,000 or more toward Innocents Betrayed and get a 10% (ten percent) discount on all advertising rates in SWAT Magazine. Discount applies to ads running in the September, October or November 2002 issues only.

Contact us about Innocents Betrayed: Call (800) 869-1884 or click on and follow the links. Help produce the film that will empower all of us to put America back on course.

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