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Profiles in Moral Courage: Speaking Out Is What Heroes Do

By Aaron Zelman

How can you tell when a person has integrity and truly stands for principles?

Nationally-known speaker Dennis Prager says that a person with moral integrity is one who is willing to point out the errors in his own party, organization, or religious group. It’s pretty easy to condemn the “other side,” the opposition party, for violating moral principles that you and your group hold dear. It takes clear moral vision, however, to see when your own group falls short of the ideals it espouses. It takes real moral courage to stand up and criticize your own group.

That’s why we at JPFO are so proud of our Jewish members who challenge the victim-disarming Jewish organizations. (Many of our Christian members also stand up against their anti-self defense leaders, too.)

Standing Up Against National Groups

When the United American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC) recently came out against the right to keep and bear arms, JPFO objected and several our members individually protested. For example, a medical doctor wrote to the UAHC:

Many members of the Jewish Community have noted with shock and distress the official position of the UAHC, coming out against the Second Amendment of the Constitution, which clearly delineates the God-given, inalienable right for lawful citizens to keep and bear arms in this country.

As Jews, we should be acutely aware of the need for self-protection. We are targets of violence from all sides, and history back through the Old Testament delineates our armed struggle for survival. Have you forgotten the true miracle of Hanukah, the armed insurrection of the Jews against a vile and oppressive government? In more recent times my family was nearly exterminated in Nazi Germany, powerless to resist because they had acquiesced to their Government’s demands for gun registration and then confiscation.

In Israel they have the right idea. Much of the civilian population is armed. My cousin there has an M-16 assault rifle and a Glock 9 mm hand-gun with which he can protect his home and family. The incidence of firearm violence in that heavily armed country is among the smallest in the world.

The UAHC has taken a position that is untenable for Jews. Had we followed such advice in millenia past, then our People would surely not exist today.

No, I will not contribute to the UAHC as long as this misguided position against firearms is embraced by its leaders. I will instead redouble my efforts to protect myself, my family, and my rights. I will continue to support the Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, JPFO.

Protest To Local Groups

Another JPFO member, a small business owner, told his story of local action:

In April 2000, I received a bulletin in the mail from the Rochester Jewish Federation. The bulletin invited people of all faiths on a bus ride to protest guns. This seemed inappropriate. Why was a religious, non-for-profit group involved in a political issue?

I called the Federation but got nowhere. So, my wife and I went down to the Federation to talk to someone in person. After a 90 minute conversation there, we realized that the Federation was not going to change its mission until every law-abiding citizen was disarmed.

My company and I had contributed to the Federation before. Not anymore. I will no longer support an organization that spits in the face of law-abiding citizens and defiles our Constitution.

That same JPFO member also wrote to the same Federation to point out its hypocrisy:

The Talmud states, "if someone comes to kill you, arise and kill that person first." Or do most Jews view the Talmud like they view the constitution - a radical document that has no meaning? For Jews, worshiping false idols is also against our religion. Marching down to Washington to pray to almighty big government definitely falls into that category!

You Can Too!

These two JPFO members took personal action against national victim disarmament. Many JPFO supporters use JPFO tools, become educated, and take a stand.

Join with Jews, Christians and many others who work with JPFO to preserve our right to keep and bear arms. Annual dues are still only $20. Get the latest “Gran’pa Jack” booklet that answers the question: “Will ‘Gun Control’ Make You Safer?” Twenty-one “gun control” myths are shattered in this powerful, documented, easy-reading booklet – suitable for all ages.

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Get an inner look at why some Jews oppose firearms ownership – read The Mitzvah. Great idea for a school book report, too.


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