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BATFE Incident Report

As part of our Boot the BATFE campaign, we are asking firearms owners and dealers to help us collect reports of BATFE hostility, harassment and oppressive conduct. We need to get solid information, real case examples, and estimated counts of BATFE actions against us. Put on your boots, and help us get this job done!

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Your Name
Telephone or Email
Dates of Contact w/ BATFE
Were you an FFL? Y/N
Were you a wholesale, retail, or home-based dealer?
How did the BATFE contact you? (phone, letter, visit, etc)
Agent's name
Did agent show ID? (y/n)
Agent ID
Did agent mention any laws violated?
What offense was alleged against you, if any?
What type of firearms were involved?
Were the firearms home-built or built from a parts kit?(y/n>
Were the firearms factory built?
If factory built, were they user-modified?
Describe how you were treated by the agent(s) (politely, rudely, cooperative, demanding, etc):
Were there any implied threats? If so, describe.
Were you arrested or indicted for any offense? If so, describe:
Did the BATFE seize any offending property with a warning?
Have you ever contacted the BATFE requesting information on firearms or regulations? If so, describe the experience:.
Did the BATFE claim to do a field-test on your firearm(s)?
Additional facts and details about your BATFE contact experience:



Naturally, some people may worry about providing this information to us for our survey of BATFE incidents. There is no reason for you to worry. We pledge to maintain the information in strict confidence. We will not voluntarily disclose this information to any government agency, nor to any outside business, organization or individual, without first asking for your written permission.

We do need truthful information, however, to be sure that our survey will be accurate. That is why we need your real name and location. We need your contact phone or e-mail also so that we can verify the report came from you, and so we can contact you if we need to ask permission to use the information.


If you have a BATFE contact to report, please do so immediately. Do not delay. Our campaign can succeed only if we can gather this information rapidly. Speed builds momentum. Momentum causes change. And serious change is what we need to block BATFE from abusing gun owners.

Our publicizing the Glover matter – including the video of the botched BATFE “test” of the alleged “machine gun” – has already sent shockwaves through BATFE. That was just one example. Imagine the effects when we can report dozens, even hundreds of examples of BATFE harassment, hostility, heavy-handedness, and oppressive conduct!

Learn more about BATFE abuses and our Boot the BATFE campaign.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of nasty government agencies is for citizens to do nothing. We have a Constitutional right to voice our grievances against overstepping agencies. Please report your BATFE incident (big or small) to us right away.

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