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Endorsements for Bill of Rights or Bust

Invest just a few minutes to learn about America’s amazing charter of human freedom: The Bill of Rights.

This made-for-TV production brings the Bill of Rights to life with live interviews, patriotic and meaningful visuals, and accurate descriptions of every right. The DVD contains special features, including penetrating questions to stimulate lively discussion, and a spotlight on government agencies that may be violating the Bill of Rights every day. Watch Bill of Rights or Bust and help bring America back to America!

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"[Bill of Rights or Bust] should be viewed by school children all over America... as a matter of fact it should be seen by every adult as well..."

Aaron Russo
Producer of the soon-to-be-released film April 15: The Real April Fools Day


"Bill of Rights or Bust is a refreshing look at what too many Americans have forgotten about or maybe never even learned. This DVD is a powerful educational tool that needs to be in every school in America. Please buy a copy today, because America's future depends on it."

Tim Schmidt
Executive Director & Founder
United States Concealed Carry Association


This documentary is an excellent work designed to make Americans aware of the rights they have, as enumerated in the Bill of Rights. This country has a serious problem of people being ignorant about their hard-won rights. The Constitution, with the Bill of Rights, is no longer taught in most public schools. It is the hope of Second Amendment Sisters that this excellent work by JPFO will be placed and used in schools nation-wide, so that an informed discussion can begin.

Marinelle Thompson
Founder, Director & President
Second Amendment Sisters, Inc.
"Self-Defense is a basic human right."


Bill of Rights or Bust is a great teaching tool. Schools seldom require knowledge of this bedrock of restraint on government power. This fills a big void. Show it to the kids and grandchildren.

Larry Pratt
Executive Director
Gun Owners of America


There is nothing more important than teaching Americans about the Bill of Rights, and the visual power of film makes [Bill of Rights or Bust] an entertaining vehicle for that lesson. [It] should be required viewing in our schools.

Mara Wallis, director
Entertaining Vietnam


Please watch the BILL OF RIGHTS OR BUST DVD right away! For a small price and 23 minutes of your time, you can view this much-needed and vitally important civics lesson. Re-awaken and remember our unalienable RIGHTS!

DC Wood
former New Zealand resident


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