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Bill of Rights Day Celebration in Evansville, Indiana, 2003

Aaron, here is a little run down on the Bill Of Rights Day celebration we hosted here in Evansville, Indiana.

The 2nd Amendment Patriots, the group I'm with along, with another grassroots group, Restoring Our Heritage, which is a faith-based organization, worked together in putting this on.

It was all volunteers who worked and participated in the program. We held the event on December 14th (Sunday) at the Evansville Coliseum, free to the public. The first 200 adults and 50 children received a bag of "goodies"that contained items donated from area businesses who supported the event, along with a copy of the U.S. Constitution, Indiana Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

We invited area junior high and high school kids to write an essay on the Bill Of Rights and awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners with U.S. savings bonds, American flags and silver dollars. This included public, parochial and home school children.

There were politicians such as mayors, candidates running for Governor and U.S. Senate and our Congressman John Hostettler speaking about the Bill Of Rights. We also had proclamations from our Governor and some mayors.


We had patriotic singing. Some of the talent was professional and some were school kids. One of the local High Schools provided a ROTC to post Colors and do a drill.

A third grade class did Patrick Henry's speech "Give me Liberty or give me death."


One gentleman dressed up as Uncle Sam, did Red Skeleton's version of the Pledge Of Allegiance.

We had a typical American family from 1791 on stage receiving the Bill Of Rights. As each one of the first ten amendments was read by a boy scout and presented to the "American family"someone else would give a brief explanation of what that particular amendment meant.

Then we moved ahead to the future to the years: 1962 when the US Supreme Court took prayer out of school, 1968 Gun Control Act, Patriot Act and all the other legislation that has stripped away the Bill Of Rights. As we read these off we had a fellow dressed in a black robe simulating a court justice who approached the "family"and removed each of the Amendments, that were in the form of paper scroll including the rifle which the father was holding.


We invited many of the area Churches to attend as well. All in all it was very successful with about 300 people coming. We had TV and newspaper coverage.

My wife and I along with a member of the other group had gone on local TV and talk radio shows to promote this, we also had yard signs made up and flyers to put in shops and pass out.

I was told that someone from Evansville called into G. Gordon Liddy's program and got this mentioned on his show.

Aaron, I will attach some photos and try to send you a copy of the video we made.

Thanks for your interest and talking to me yesterday.

Jim Tomes
Wadesville, Indiana

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