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Letter to the Editor of the Hobart Mercury

Subject: ER v Wilton

The Editor,
Hobart Mercury

Dear Sir,

On 7 January, in Hobart with magistrate Sam Mollard presiding, Robert Wilton, 38-years and a father from the Central Highlands suffered a grave travesty of justice. But what more can be expected from authorities, all of whom now exhibit a mental paranoia toward all things to do with "guns".

Allegedly when his son took a safety cartridge (a bullet) to school, it triggered events which lead to the charges. Never mind the subsequent acts of theft, and technical breached though! The lad's action in itself, posed no danger whatsoever to anyone. While allegedly "investigated", Const. Timmons, is supposed to have told the court, "he was unable to say how the boy obtained the bullet". The father had no case to answer. But driven by society's con-vinced loathing of guns and ammunition, the authority's fury was turned upon the soft target: a visible steel safe, and the hapless registered firearm owner.Dad.

The report exposes grave anomalies - the snares and pitfalls - deliberately imbedded in legislation and regulations, with a sting in the tail: His honour opined his desire for safes to be affixed in places "not visible"! Legislation from the bench! His Honour is ahead of the law!

It is outrageous that the case was heard when the defendant had no legal counsel! It could prove more than an embarrassment should the published, overt, anti-gun sentiments held by certain public defenders in Tasmania be the reason for this obnoxious situation.

Even Banks could be next! Consistency surely demands "invisible ATMs" so not to entice unauthorised withdrawals! But seriously it could be suggested that gun-owners must have commonsense to store the key to their gun-safe in say a second (combination) safe, but dare he memorise the combination? This incident should be seen for what it is. The ongoing operation of entrapment and disarmament. In the 1980's Australians were warned, "Registration Means Confiscation": it always did, and it always will.

This is a small segment of the true legacy of Roland Browne and the NCGC's "gun control", enforced in the aftermath of the 'thespian' Port Arthur massacre. Armed robbery nationwide, up 166 %; homicide 2001/02, up 20%; multiple victims up significantly, and suicides, they're off the scale! - (ABS & AIC various). Oh and by the way, some 60,000 of those sound reducers the law call a dreaded "silencer", were sold to Gov. Depts, and the public from the 1950's: my research cannot find one ever having been used in a crime, but then this is not Hollywood.

Your Faithfully,

Stewart K. Beattie
Wagga Wagga 2650. NSW

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