Freedom Flashlight

Last updated: November 15, 2005

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Sorry - this item is no longer available - JPFO's, Sig Sauer Tactical Rail allowed mounting of lights and lasers by means of a 13.4-inch 1913 Picatinny rail and was designed for Model 226, 228, and 229 pistols. Proceeds from the sales of the Sig Sauer Tactical Rail helped the production of The Gang, a video project aimed at exposing the misdeeds of the BATFE.


Freedom Flashlight



This Revolutionary Hybrid Technology allows you the Freedom of Choice. One click gives you LITHIUM-POWERED light. Two clicks give you ENDLESS self-generated light. Both options give you light from an ultra bright LED. And, best of all, our flashlight is always ready for use no matter how long it has been stored!

  • Hybrid (Operates with or without batteries)

  • Ideal for home emergencies, auto, boat, and outdoor activities

  • Super bright LED light that will last for OVER 100,000 hours!

  • Shock resistant & rubber guarded

  • Waterproof - and it floats!

  • Operates in extreme hot or cold temperatures

  • Capacitor can be charged over 100,000 times


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