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Gun Control -- The KEY to GENOCIDE!

"Gun Control is a Prelude to Totalitarian rule..."

--Theodore Haas


The articles below are designed to help you to avoid being murdered. By the most likely murderer. Your Government. In 1992, Robert F. Melson, Professor of Political Science at Purdue University, commented that:

"Since the Second World War many more people have been killed as victims of domestic massacres and partial or total genocides than by international war. State-perpetrated massacres are a greater danger to the world community than war itself."

But Professor Melson does not explain why such events are becoming more frequent. We can explain this. Professor Melson's excellent study overlooks two key factors. First, in recent decades, common technologies have boosted governments' powers over citizens. Second, enforcement of "gun control" laws makes citizens more vunerable than ever to this enhanced government power. Presently, we cannot abolish government. To prevent further genocides we can -- and must -- abolish "gun control".

You must use the tools below -- these ideas -- if they are to help you to save your life. You have to use these tools -- the facts and insights in these books & articles -- to change your community, your state, and your country. We cannot wait for someone else to make the difference. It is up to us.

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