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Operation Jump Start—for Organizations

With the supposedly pro-gun political party holding forth in Washington, have any federal guns laws been repealed? No. Have the anti-rights lobbyists disappeared? No.

Are our gun rights safe and secure? Absolutely not. Do our fellow Americans understand the freedom philosophy any better now than they did 4 years ago? Not at all. Is being pro-gun any more popular than before? Not really.

In fact, the current "pro-gun" administration has resisted allowing airline pilots to arm themselves to defend their passengers against terrorists. What's worse: there are more "gun control" schemes being proposed in Congress and the states.

Millions of gun owners remain unaware of these facts. So they don't get involved, they don't support the pro-gun movement, they don't even consistently vote pro-gun. That has to change—and fast—or we risk losing our freedom and our firearms. It took just a couple of years for the British and Australian governments to ban and confiscate guns. Unless a lot Americans get motivated to protect their guns, we stand to lose the rights and the guns in the same way.

Pro-freedom, pro-gun ownership organizations need to raise funds and deliver the truth about "gun control" and firearms ownership to all Americans. Operation Jump Start can make it happen. This program launches immediately. And it's a win-win-win.

Three Winning Benefits

Win No. 1: People who watch Innocents Betrayed will be stunned and amazed. In 58 minutes, people who used to take individual liberty and a free society for granted—will be shaken from their sleep. People who were puzzled about your organization's work will now fully understand. Your message of freedom will get out ... in 58 minutes.

Win No. 2: Your group can raise substantial money for the freedom cause by simply getting your own membership and supporters to buy and use Innocents Betrayed. Every member will want and should have this innovative, powerful documentary film. If your group has 25 members, then your organization can painlessly raise at least $125. A 100-member group can quickly raise $500. A 1000-member group can raise $5,000.

Win No. 3: When hundreds and thousands of Americans see Innocents Betrayed in a short time, the jump start can work best. Word of mouth, letters to newspapers, calls to talk shows, and Internet e-mails will shout the message across the land rapidly. JPFO will post resources on-line to make publicity efforts easy. As people will be thinking and talking about the film all at the same time, a critical mass of excitement will build. That massive response will mean even more people wanting to see the film and get in-the-know. The message will travel faster and farther than ever before.

(Learn more about the Innocents Betrayed film at:

Need for Speed

It's all about the numbers. With thousands and then tens of thousands of people watching and talking about Innocents Betrayed at the same time, there will be an unmatched opportunity to deliver the pro-freedom, pro-self defense message.

That's why we must act so quickly. We must not let Innocents Betrayed be sold a few at a time, because low-slow volume means no jump start, no massive excitement, no sea change in American attitudes. Speed is key.

Easiest Plan Possible

To participate in Operation Jump Start, your organization needs only to:

  1. Gather five (5) or more orders at a time
  2. Collect $29.95 for each order from your buyers (each buyer saves $4.95 per copy because JPFO pays shipping and handling!)
  3. Send by email the full names and addresses of the individual buyers to JPFO
  4. At the same time, send a check for the total order amount (number of copies multiplied by $24.95 for each copy—your organization keeps the $5.00 difference per order)

That's all you do. JPFO does all the fulfillment—we package and mail the video, plus three free Freedom booklets, to each buyer. Your organization raises $5.00 per order. It's that simple!

(Credit card group orders may be possible; call to discuss before placing the order.)

Remember: with each purchase of the Innocents Betrayed video, the buyer also gets three Freedom booklets—a $9.00 value—free. The three easy-reading illustrated booklets tie directly into the message of the film:

JPFO reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to approve or disapprove any group order. Organization leaders should call first to make arrangements with us before taking orders under Operation Jump Start.

We face a grave risk of losing our guns and our freedom, now more than ever. Yet fund-raising for freedom has never been easier. And there has never been a liberty tool like Innocents Betrayed.

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