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March 4, 2005


On February 28, 2005, we sent out an alert regarding an open letter from JPFO Executive Director Aaron Zelman, entitled "Jews, Republicans, and Guns: What's the Problem?". We've received a variety of letters in response, and are printing a few of them below. Please note, though, that JPFO is listing responses, NOT endorsing any particular party, candidate, or legislation.

- The Liberty Crew

Thanks for the link but I'm almost sorry that I read some of them. I am
not the omnipotent G-D so I cannot claim to know what is peoples hearts
as did some but the piece was excellent. Most people in America are so
apathetic they don't even vote It makes me truly ashamed at times. And
those that do don't really research the issues. They know more about
ball scores or golf scores than about who represents them, just ask one
who is their assembly person or congressman and their ignorance shine
with the brilliance of SOL.



Since the Democrats and Republicans represent both sides of the same coin, why not look at the other side? Libertarians. If you want someone in office who TRULY understands and supports the Second Amendment, get behind this party. Help them become a household word, and maybe in 2008 we’ll have REAL choices. Just my two cents.

- BT


Brilliant article. It made me THINK. After reading it, I had to come to the conclusion that George Bush is anti-gun. Don't I? If you have the power and authority to stop some thing, and you don't, doesm't that make you a supporter of that thing? (Gun Control). And all lip service aside, doesn't the Republican Congresses complete lack of "doing something" indicate the same thing?

This is a hard thing to face. Can it be true?

- LH


This latest essay was rather interesting, but, um, I doubt most Jews have gun rights on their mind when it comes to voting R or D. Not that they shouldn't, but...

I recommend you cite this article on your page:

- JH


Excellent piece. It pains me how few people get it.

- KS


Aaron, I couldn't agree with you more about Jews who mindlessly vote for Democrats. The Republicans have failed gun owners as well by not calling off the BATFE Gestapo and their failure to repeal the idiotic gun laws designed to make gun owners lives miserable while doing nothing against real criminals and terrorists. The BATFE atrocity in Waco was whitewashed by John Danfoth, a Republican. The worst enemy of gun owners though was the Jew hater Clinton (yimach shemo) who reduced the number of gun owners by two thirds to limit sources where decent citizens can buy guns. Cllinton enacted and signd the 'assault weapon ban' and other laws which made guns harder to obtain. Other Democrats in California have banned all kinds of guns in their attempt to disarm law abiding citizens. Unfortunately many of the lawmakers who are anti gun are of Jewish descent or self hating Jews; the arrogant Carl Levin, Frank Lousenberg, Chuck Schumer, and Barbara Boxer. The disgusting Diane Feinswine isn't Jewish even though Jewish liberals love her as they do the murderer Ted Kennedy and Hitlery Clinton.

I agree with you that both politicians are bad. As the saying goes 'ze trefa veze nevela' ( that's an animal which was killed and that's an animal which died on its own) neither one is kosher. Hashem yishmerenu mehem (may Hashem protect us from them)

- EK


Dear Aaron,
It positively amazes me that of all the ethnic groups in the world, I would have thought that the Jewish people would NEVER vote for a gun banner like kerry & edwards were. We Christians are always asked to remember the HOLOCAUST, why are the Jewish people forgetting that period in history so quickly?!?!?!?!?!?!

One question I have for you. In Israel, do the law abiding people there forbidden to own firearms like here in the NEW America? I'm a life member of the NRA and have twice upgraded my membership to BENEFACTOR. However, the fight to keep my guns continue in part because, as you said, most Jews vote for the SOCIALIST candidates like kerry clinton, edwards, shumer, laposy, layhee, kennedy, levin, and a number of other Representatives & Senators. (no, I didn't forget to capitolize the first letter of their proper names, I just prefer NOT to give them that much respect from me)

I'm seriously considering moving to Isreal since I'm retired now. I just want to be able to take my guns with me and not have to worry about losing them to THE GOVERNMENT. Please advise.

- GB

[Aaron's response: The socialist fools who run Israel do believe in some "gun control" schemes.It is very doubtful you would be able to take your guns along.]


Dear Mr. Zelman and associates,

I enjoy your website and want everyone I know to check it out. The
demopublicans are not our friends. Until people realize that the minds that
got us into this mess are not the minds that will get us out, it will only
get worse. More taxes, more bad laws, more political prisoners, more
tyranny. As larry Elder wrote in his book 'Ten Things You Can't Say In
America' ..."there's not a dimes bit of difference between a democrat and a
republican one they are elected. Democrats are for socialism and republicans
are for socialism-lite..." I am an evangelical libertarian zealot. I hope
you are aware of the following organizations/websites: among many others. Continuing to promote either
one wil only extend our problems.

Thanks again for all you do,

- JW


I read your piece, "Jews, Republicans, and Guns" and agree with all with the
reservation that my studies over the past nine years have shown that there
is no difference between Democrats and Republicans once they get into
office. Both strive mightily to get further control over the people, with
eventual firearm confiscation being their ultimate goal. I do not believe
that such is a Jewish goal, as many do, but that it is the New World Order
striving to remove all protection of the people by the people.

I believe that so-called "leaders" in both parties commit treason with every
bill passed into law and forced upon the people by their armed and dangerous
de facto law enforcers, who are not, by the way, constitutionally elected
servants of the people. They serve their masters - corporate governments
and really could care less how many Americans they injure or kill. The use
of tasers, group beatings of people innocent of crimes, arrests on the
street (and homes) without a grand jury indictment by the people, and
without any claim against which redress may be granted, and so on. Their
brutality and use of multiple types of arms against the people is
irrefutable evidence of their intent to enslave, and that their is little
regard for the safety of the people by either Democrats or Republicans. It
is a sorry state this union is in, with politicians believing they are above
the people and the law, when the exact opposite is the truth.

Best regards,

- EL


Sorry to hear you pushing the liberal Democratic agenda, especially using hand picked anecdotes. If Kerry, Kennedy, Boxer, Feinstein, and other liberals have their way, you can kiss your guns good-bye.

- RS


Aaron, best to you . ... I have not been active, but I have been keeping an eye on firearms issues. I went thru your article, and you are right about the Bush administration and BTF.

I do not agree that the Jews of America are so sophisticated to understand all that. To my experience they are like the sheep in Animal Farm. Guns Baaaad

I could go on for a long time, but in short, I believe the reason that Jews are anti gun is that they are Platonic. In my sense here, I mean that the Jews have, through time, always tended to seek the protection of the king and desire a disarmed peasantry. If you think about it, the Jews have been (and I am no great historian) associated with the rulers and depended on their protection. This is the current Jewish mindset. If you ask most of the Jews I know about the travesties you describe, they would consider the Bush administration to be insufficently ardorous about controlling firearms.

- DB


As a serious defender of the 2nd Amendment, I have long admired JPFO and
frequently quote your organization's statements (and your personal
statements) to my fellow warriors for freedom. I have read carefully your
comments about why Jews don't vote Republican, and it seems to me that your
answer is that nothing the Republicans have done, could do, or might want
to do in the future would ever induce significant numbers of Jews to
support the GOP.

I hope you are mistaken in this. I have voted Republican consistently since
Barry Goldwater ran, with the exception of Richard Nixon, the only
Republican whose ethics seemed to me to approach the low level of most
Democrat candidates for high office. I intend to go on supporting the GOP,
despite its imperfections, because doing anything else will quickly bring
disaster to our cause of freedom. We cannot support the Libertarians simply
because they cannot compromise at all on anything and therefore cannot win
major offices. The Democrats are our open and avowed enemies and little
different from the Communists. Just look at how well Communists treated
Jews, and how well they respected gun rights! And who did the Communist
Party USA support against Bush? The only traitor ever to run for President,
much of whose support came from the only openly-known murderer ever to sit
in the Senate.

Remember Waco? BATF was then still what President Reagan had called it
during his presidency: an out-of-control agency. I don't believe George W.
Bush can control BATFE now, any better than Reagan could twenty years ago.
I don' t know what kind of "juice" BATFE has, but no one has been able to
keep them legal, much less ethical, in a very long time. Frankly, I believe
a major part of the problem is that so many fools and knaves work in
federal law enforcement circles, and at the top of most police forces.
There is another word which substitutes fairly well for "fools and knaves",
by the way: "politicians". Essentially all big city police departments are
headed by pols who never walked a beat one day in their lives, and
therefore are much more vulnerable to the propaganda efforts of the Left.
Those with more exposure to the real world know to much to fall for the
lies, but the ignorant cannot resist the flow of sheer falsehoods and

Not long after Waco, I had the honor to present some trophies to police
shooters in Virginia. I made reference to the organizaton which sanctioned
those events (and paid for the trophies) and was loudly boo'ed by the FBI
contingent. Later, one of them asked me how I could admit being a member of
an organization tied to the NRA, which had recently provoked G.H.W. Bush to
return his NRA Life Membership pin with an ad that referred to "jack-booted
thugs". I asked the gentleman to examine the role of BATF at Waco and Ruby
Ridge, as I saw them: at Waco, something over 120 citizens of the USA died
because of BATF grandstanding, trying to make a dramatic arrest of a man
who could have been taken quietly at any other time. There never was any
credible evidence of any wrongdoing, much less any reason for federal
jurisdiction to apply. Then, of course, at Ruby Ridge Mr. Weaver's wife and
child were killed by a skilled marksman using telescopic sights at a very
moderate distance. I have enough experience in long-range shooting to feel
confident that the FBI sniper in that case knew exactly that he was
shooting a woman holding a baby, and not a man holding a rifle. I call the
result simply "murder" and totally unjustifiable under our system of
government, yet the shooter was promoted for doing it!

I have met Mr. Weaver, and I seriously doubt that he and I would ever be
friends, but I cannot see anything that he did that begins to justify
killing his dog, much less his family. And on that basis, I asked the
inquisitive FBI agent what he would call "law enforcement officers " who
did such things. HIs answer was, "jack-booted thugs."

Mr. Zelman, I don't ask that you support Republicans all the time, nor
that you like them at all .I do ask that as a matter of trying to win a war
for freedom, thta you suggest to your members and their friends, that
voting for a Republican is probably better for the cause of freedom than
supporting any party which is openly hostile to freedom in every way. I
urge you to be selective and support the Republicans or Democrats (rare as
those are) who support our cause, and deny support as best we can to our
enemies of any party.

Sincerely your admirer,

- BJ


Aaron: I read your article regarding "Why the Jews refuse to vote Republican" and I have to disagree somewhat with you.

Over the years I have also been interested in this topic and I have found the following from my many conversations with Jewish people. As I am also Jewish, they speak more openly than they would to a Non Jew.

As you know, during the Roosevelt election, all of the Jews voted for him because they were very much infected with the Socialistic attitude..and so Hoover lost.
All of the Jews knew that Roosevelt himself was an anti-Semite more or less ( He refused to allow the St Louis escapees from Hamburg to enter the U.S. ) but they voted for him because Jews believe that the Republican party is basicly anti-Jewish. Thats it in a Nut shell.

Jews feel that they are living in the belly of the beast of Christianity and are not a pimple on an Elephants back in Voting power because they are outnumbered ...Five and a half million Jewish people against a Two Hundred million Population.

But as you say. Jews desire the protection of big Government to more or less protect them and of course they are Anti-Gun ownership from their mistaken attitude of Guns create violence.

Jews actually are enemies of the Bill of Rights Second Amendment and should all leave the country. The Israeli Jew is a different breed...they Know that Gun Ownership is the Basis of Liberty. But to get back to my origibal point..and that is...Jews thoroughly dislike Christianity and anyonbe connected to same and they will use their vote to try and maintain their idea of a balance as they did with the Roosevelt support .

What say Yee?

- S


Mr. Zelman:

You ask some very good questions here. Thank you for your e-mail. While I don't see a scenario in which I'd vote democrat, I have voted, and would again, vote third party when RINOs urinate on us and tell us it's raining.

In Liberty,

- PM


Howdy gang;

I was just reading the revue which reguards the difference between Republicans and Democrats, and it occurs to me that you still haven't grasped the value of a party that is properly motivated but sometimes wrong; from the party who is always wrong... but sometimes does the right thing by accident; or was it a calcuated manuever to gain confidence! That is the difference between the Republican Party and the Democrats. Tell me wherein lies your deficiency? Are you just Gentiles who will never be more than half right about anything? When you tell me that there is no difference between the two parties, and that the Bush family is worse than the Clinton Gang... you discourage me from continueing my support and affiliation with your supposid right wing conservatism! I am not from a family of dogs! And I will not be subjegated to inferior gatherings!

God did not allow me to continue to humor the ways of the godless; and the failure of my father when he registered himself to the democrat party in order to gain the support of his mis-guided gentile colleagues has not been allowed me! I will never put a wild ass ( or a bramble like Clinton ) at the head of state! Nor their party! Nor their constiuancy! If you can't tell the difference... then you'd better not say anything at all! ( By the way- guess my tribe... guess my line! ).

- KT



I am writing you this e-mail this evening because you are missing out something. First of all I am Jewish, Democrat, gun owner and Concealed Handgun Licensees. I am a supporter of the 2 rd. Amendment, which applies to anyone who is American Citizens who are qualifies and wished to do it so. So be careful when you say about the so called "liberals,” I am sure there are some of them that support & exercising the 2 rd. Amendment. Thanks for your attention.

- D


Mr. Zelman's article about why Jews don't vote Republican was filled with many stand alone facts about governmental abuse in the area of firearms in general and our second amendment rights. The problem with his essay is that they have absolutely no connection to why most Jews don't vote Republican.

What a stretch! I noticed the little disclaimer about most Jews not being interested with these issues.

An honest journalistic article would have to take the position that most Jews are very liberal. Therefore, they would applaud the trampling of our Second Amendment rights.

What Bush league stuff. Pun intended.

Now you have to come up with something of high journalistic quality to make up for this Enquirer type crap.

Very truly yours,

- SS


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