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"Intellectual Ammunition to Destroy Gun Control"

Dr. Joanne Eisen & Dr. Paul Gallant

Nothing has been more damaging to our Second Amendment than the acquiescence of gun-owners, as a group, in accepting patently false, emotionally-charged labels hurled at them by America's anti-self-defense lobby. For the most part, gun-owners have responded defensively or sometimes, not at all accepting the rules of engagement as defined by the firearm prohibitionists, instead of choosing the battlefield of fact and logic.

Today, the most dreaded trump card in America is a simple 6-letter word "R-A-C-I-S-T". It has been hurled reflexively at anyone who does not kneel before today's god of political correctness. More than any other name, this one has the power to instantly turn the backbone of some Americans both in and out of politics into quivering masses of Jello.

Typical of the race-card tactics used against American gun-owners is the rhetoric which appeared in a 1990 Injury Prevention Network Newsletter. The Injury Prevention Network is a group with a well- recognized rabidly firearm prohibitionist bias. Under a section entitled "Fear and Racism among Gun Owners", the newsletter cited ...the veiled racism of NRA literature promoting self-defense...–, and then made the following claim:
The gun lobby grows fat...on a generalized fear and hostility toward African American people...especially on the association between African American men and crime...

It is true that large urban, minority areas are the ones which experience the highest levels of firearm related violent crime. It is also true that this fact has created a sense of unwarranted guilt among some gun-owners, that, because of their espousal of private firearm ownership, THEY are the cause of America's social ills. But are those who advocate and steadfastly defend private firearm ownership the true racists in America today?

As any informed gunner will tell you, Charles Schumer and Dianne Feinstein are rabid firearm prohibitionists. Because of that, it is THEY, and their ilk, who are the real racists not law-abiding gun-owning Americans. The reason is simple: the roots of gun control in America are steeped in racism! The earliest gun control laws in this country were passed for one reason only: to keep the newly-freed slaves unarmed and defenseless.


"Cop killer bullets", "assault weapons", and the like these are some of the emotional hot-buttons created by the Schumers and Feinsteins, calculated to frighten an unknowing public and turn public sentiment against firearms and their owners. They are designed to replace rational discussion in the firearm debate with raw, negative emotionalism. But probably none has a more direct connection to racism as the non-descript "Saturday-Night-Special", a favorite target of firearm- prohibitionists. In a 1976 article, Bruce-Briggs provided background on the origins of the label:

    It is difficult to escape the conclusion that the “Saturday Night Special” is emphasized [by both sides in the firearm debate] because it is cheap and is being sold to a particular class of people. The name is sufficient evidence the reference is to "nigger-town Saturday night"

Twenty years later, America's firearm prohibitionists like Schumer and Feinstein are still pushing laws designed to ban the sale and possession of inexpensive handguns, after having changed the name of their target to one more politically-correct: "junk guns".

The most recent evidence that gun control policies are inherently racist comes from the extensive research on gun control in America by Dr. John Lott.

Lott is an economist at the University of Chicago, and co-author of the 1997 Lott/Mustard study on concealed-carry of firearms in America. According to Lott's new book, "More Guns, Less Crime", when allowed the means to defend themselves, "law-abiding minorities in the most crime-prone areas produced the greatest reductions in crime..."

It is large, urban, densely populated minority areas which benefit the most from concealed-carry laws ironically the same areas where opposition to such laws by politicians is greatest. Dr. Lott further pointed out that laws which seek to ban low-cost firearms i.e. so-called "Saturday-Night-Specials" - only serve to disarm those very people.

So why, when it is restrictive, racist gun laws which have, in part, spawned the statistics that gun-owners are accused of generating, do gun-owners continue to accept the epithet of "racist" hurled at them? For the most part, it is because many do not know how to effectively respond to such false charges. By letting those charges slide, they let the Feinsteins and Schumers turn the truth on its end.


There is, however, one group of gun-owners with an unbroken habit of bringing up issues others find uncomfortable to deal with: Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership (JPFO). In 1992, JPFO's "Gun-Control: Gateway to Tyranny" documented the fact that America's Gun Control Act of 1968 was patterned after - and paralleled - Nazi law. In 1994, JPFO's treatise "Lethal Laws" painstakingly documented how some governments turned criminal in the 20th century, and, after disarming their civilian populations, murdered almost 60 million of their own citizens.

It is no great surprise that many of JPFO's findings have been difficult for many Americans to accept. Most of us grew up believing America to be the quintessential "land of the free". To think that OUR government would adopt laws based on the antithesis of that paradigm is simply unthinkable.

But coming to grips with reality is a fundamental prerequisite to holding onto liberty. And the truth of the matter is that there are well over 20,000 racist gun control laws on the books in America, today. Now JPFO has given gun-owners a new way to fight back. This one is the fourth in their "Gran'pa Jack" series of teaching tools designed to destroy gun control. Their latest addition is called "Gun-Control is RACIST!: Facts that Racists Don't Want You to Know".

"Gran'pa Jack" is deceptively light-hearted (written as an easy-to-read comic book), but its message most definitely is not. It's a deadly serious effort designed to inform Americans of the racist history of gun control and that gun control doesn't save lives it only creates victims. Here are a few of the facts exposed by Gran'pa Jack:

· Cheap firearms (Saturday-Night-Specials) were first banned just after the Civil War, to make sure that former slaves could not get weapons for self-defense. California and other states have persistently pushed for more such laws.

· After the Civil War, states like Alabama and Texas placed huge taxes on guns. Since most blacks were poor, they couldn't afford to pay the tax and buy a gun. More than 100 years later, Sen. Patrick Moynihan [D-NY] is still pushing for a law that would raise taxes on the most popular self-defense ammunition by 1,000%!

· For decades, "gun control" helped keep black people defenseless against lynching. Between 1882 and 1968, 3,446 blacks were murdered in the U.S. by lynching.

· In 1941, Florida Supreme Court Justice Buford admitted that Florida's gun control laws were passed for the purpose of disarming Negro laborers, and were never intended to be applied to the white population.

JPFO's latest addition to its Gran'pa Jack series provides gun-owners with potent ammunition for calling the bluff of America's firearm- prohibitionists, by using their own favorite trump card effectively against them. The booklets come with a do-it-yourself public relations kit, designed to give individual activists the tools to confront and expose the real racists in America. Gun-owners can no longer afford to be passive if they wish to preserve the Second Amendment for future generations. Simply telling our elected officials "No new gun laws!" doesn't work. It's time to use their own race-card against them. It's time to let the word "racist" hit the fan...and end up on the faces of those who really are.


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