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JPFO's new On-Line Store uses a "shopping cart" system. As you shop, youcan place items in your "shopping cart", and then finalize the order, giveus your name and shipping information, and pay for your items at the end of the session.

All of the items JPFO has for sale will soon be purchasable via this new system. Until then, the old system will remain active.

As always, the new system uses SSL encryption technology tosafeguard your credit-card number and personal information related to your orders, with improved security over the old system. If you have a web browser that is capable of 128-bit encryption, you will be able to use that strong security for your protection.

The new system includes features to make our administration ofthe on-line order system easier and faster, allowing us to provideyou with the best service possible.

However! If you do some shopping, put some things in yourcart, and then go away for a while without checking-out, theshopping cart will expire after 30-minutes of non-use! And ifyou try to return to the cart, you will get strange error messages.The solution is simple: select your items, and check-outbefore time is up!

Possible Problems with the new system: The system uses your"IP Address" to keep track of your order -- if you are "hard wired" intothe Internet, this is not a problem (unless you are behind a firewall orserver system that gives everybody at your location the same apparentIP Address to systems outside). If you have a "Dynamic IP Address" likemost dial-up Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use, you should place yourorders and complete them during one dial-up session. The reason for thisis the next time you dial-up your ISP you will probably be assigneda different IP Address, and the shopping-cart system will notbe able to locate your previously-stored shopping-cart, or it mighteven give you the wrong cart if another person with an accounton the same ISP has shopped with us and also left their shopping cartunprocessed.

You are more likely to loose your shopping cart than have someoneelse get it, and it is very unlikely for you to get someone else's cart, but there is a very remote chance it could happen. If it does happen, just delete the items you don't want (by setting the quantity to zero), recalculate, and continue shopping. (And if it does happen, you'll never know who's shopping-cart you accidentally got, nor will anyone ever know that it was your cart should the same thing happen to you -- you don't tell our system who you are until check-out time, and after check-out the cart is empty and "returned to the rack" so to speak!)

This is a very rare possibility, and actually harmless ifit does happen, although somewhat annoying. The way to prevent itfrom happening (however unlikely) is to select items and pay forthem all in one session. The only solution to this is to use a shopping-cartsystem that uses the "cookies" feature -- this way the contentsof your shopping-cart are contained in the "cookie" stored on your owncomputer, and can be seen by no one else. However, for some reasonmany people are opposed to "cookies" (for no good reason other thannot really understanding how they work as far as we can tell), and our shopping-cart system doesn't use them ... with the very rare possibility of an error as mentioned above.

Don't worry! Our shopping cart system has been used bythousands and thousands of people around the world with perfectsatisfaction and complete security. We just wanted you to knowthere is this very small chance of an annoying glitch. It willprobably never happen to you, and is nothing to worry aboutif it does. And remember: in the unlikely event it does happen(and it's so unlikely we almost hesitate to mention it for fearof alarming you), all you have to do is change the contentsof your shopping cart until it's got what you want in it.You are always given the chance to review your cart beforeyou check-out.


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