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Last updated: February 9, 2006
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Sorry - this item is no longer available - JPFO's, Sig Sauer Tactical Rail allowed mounting of lights and lasers by means of a 13.4-inch 1913 Picatinny rail and was designed for Model 226, 228, and 229 pistols. Proceeds from the sales of the Sig Sauer Tactical Rail helped the production of The Gang, a video project aimed at exposing the misdeeds of the BATFE.


In Search of the Second Amendment

In Search of the Second Amendment DVD, $26.95 postpaid.

This 111-minute film by attorney David T. Hardy compiles hundreds of years of knowledge on the Second Amendment. David Hardy is considered the "expert's expert" when it comes to Second Amendment issue. You don't want to miss this video!

SPECIAL OFFER: Donate $20 or more to the making of The Gang, and you can purchase In Search of the Second Amendment for just $14.95 postpaid! Use coupon code GANG20.

IMPORTANT: Orders using coupon codes that do not meet the listed qualifications will not be fulfilled.

Bill of Rights or BUST!

BILL OF RIGHTS OR BUST $24.95 postpaid DVD

Do you know your rights? Bill of Rights or Bust uses a lively interview format, elegant illustrations, and high-speed imagery to show what rights we REALLY have -- and why those rights are worth keeping.

Visit the Bill of Rights or Bust website at

2005 Communicator Awards, 2006 Videographer Awards, 2006 Telly Awards

BATFE Fails the Test

BATFE FAILS THE TEST $17.76 postpaid, VHS or DVD. Raw footage of BATFE agents testing a semi-automatic rifle for alleged "modification" to full-automatic. You were never meant to see this film!!

Innocents Betrayed

Innocents Betrayed CoverInnocents Betrayed $29.95 postpaid, VHS or DVD. Award-winning documentary showing the link between genocide and gun control! Visit the Innocents Betrayed website, too!


Nazi Death Camps - The Result of "Gun Control"

Death Camp FilmNazi Death Camps - The Results of "Gun Control" VHS $24.95 postpaid, DVD $29.95 postpaid. Official US Army film commissioned by General Dwight Eisenhower. Footage was used at the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal.

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