Bill of Rights Day Kit

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Sorry - this item is no longer available - JPFO's, Sig Sauer Tactical Rail allowed mounting of lights and lasers by means of a 13.4-inch 1913 Picatinny rail and was designed for Model 226, 228, and 229 pistols. Proceeds from the sales of the Sig Sauer Tactical Rail helped the production of The Gang, a video project aimed at exposing the misdeeds of the BATFE.



Bill of Rights Day Kit

Bill of Rights Day Kit!
$49.95 postpaid

Planning a Bill of Rights Day celebration? Make it special with our Bill of Rights Day Kit! Newly updated, our kit includes:

    • 1 copy Bill of Rights or Bust (for showing)
    • 1 Bill of Rights Day poster (for displaying)
    • 1 book of 72 Bill of Rights Day stamps (for sharing)
    • 1 copy Hope, by Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith (to demonstrate what a REAL Bill of Rights President would be like!) - (Out of print)
    • Don't forget to check out our sample resolution, letter to the editor, and oped piece!

Regular price for all of the above is $56.80, buy the kit for only $49.95 (add $3 for VHS version)

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