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An Interview with Tim Schmidt

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What is the USCCA?
The USCCA is a national association that promotes concealed carry, self-defense, and the original intent of the second amendment and we can be reached at www.uscca.us or 877-677-1919.

When you say “The original intent of the 2nd Amendment” what exactly do you mean by that?
Aaron, the 2nd Amendment reads; “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The framers of our constitution were talking about self-defense here. They weren’t talking about duck hunting or shooting trap. The 2nd Amendment simply affirms our God-given right to self defense. Self defense against criminals foreign and domestic! The USCCA believes that ANY infringement on the right to keep and bear arms is unconstitutional!

Tim, are there any states that are doing concealed carry right?
Aaron, that is a great question! As far as the USCCA is concerned, the only two states that are NOT infringing on the US Constitution are Vermont and Alaska.

What is it about these two states that is so great?
Well Vermont and Alaska are the only two states that have NO concealed carry laws. In essence, you don’t need to ask the permission of the government if you want to carry a gun! Here is the bottom line, if you have to ask the permission of a government official to exercise a right… well, then you don’t have a right you have a privilege! To have the ability to defend your family or yourself should not be a privilege.

Most states that DO have concealed carry laws have unfortunate inclusions in the laws that make it illegal for “permit holders” to carry guns in churches, schools and restaurants that serve alcohol. So these laws are essentially creating “gun-free” zones. Well, the problem with this is that the only people that will adhere to the “gun-free” zone rules are the law abiding citizens.

One of the best benefits of eliminating concealed carry laws like Vermont and Alaska is that you create a level playing field. The criminals no longer have an advantage. They may still have the tactical advantage of surprise, but they WILL NOT know who is or who is not armed.

OK, Tim, Back to the USCCA. How does your organization promote concealed carry and self-defense?

We do this in two distinct ways:
One, we provide information and support to our members. We do this through our magazine, newsletter and free e-mail report. Our goal is to help our members realize that they are not alone in their admirable decision to always be armed.
Two, as we get larger, we will begin to take a “positive offensive approach” to spreading the “good news” about self-defense and concealed carry. We will do this through both traditional media (newspaper ads, radio ads, TV ads) as well as non-traditional media (blog-ads, web-forum ads, pod-casts, etc.) Our goal will be to counter-act the massive amount of negative press that currently surrounds the private ownership and use of firearms for self-defense.

Why did you start the USCCA?
I started the USCCA because I live in one of the 4 states that deny the right to self defense. About five years ago I happened to read a few books that really opened my eyes to self-defense, firearms and the second amendment. (Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and Unintended Consequences by John Ross)
Furthermore, it was about this time when I started having kids which also opened my eyes to my responsibility as a father and husband to protect my wife and children.
Needless to say, I was rather upset to learn that the state I lived in made it illegal for me to carry a concealed weapon.

How long has the USCCA been around?
The USCCA was started in August of 2003. So that would make us a little over 2 years old.

How many members do you have?

We currently have approx. 10,000 members. We have members in every state of the union. However, we DO NOT have any members from the District of Columbia… kind of interesting!

How can people join the USCCA?

Well, the easiest way to join the USCCA is to visit our website. The address is www.uscca.us. Once you’re at the website, you can click on the “Membership Information” button and just follow the directions. If you don’t have easy access to the internet, you can call our toll-free phone number. That number is (877) 677-1919. You can call Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Central time.

What benefits does the USCCA provide for its members?

Members receive:
* 8 issues per year of Concealed Carry Magazine which is the official publication of the USCCA.
* Membership card.
* USCCA bumper sticker or membership decal.
* USCCA quarterly newsletter
* Concealed Carry Audio Magazine (coming soon)

Tell me a little bit about Concealed Carry Magazine.
Concealed Carry magazine is quite a bit different than your typical “gun” magazine. CCM is not so much about the guns being carried but rather about the PEOPLE carrying the guns. Each issue contains an article that we call the CCM Profile. This is a profile of an ever-day person who has made the decision to always be armed. It is our intent to show others, that people who carry guns are NOT rednecks! They are accountants, business owners, clergy, Moms, Dads, & grandparents.

What can a person expect to see in Concealed Carry Magazine that they will not see in some of the “Newsstand” gun magazines?
Well, like I said before, the main focus of Concealed Carry Magazine is the armed citizen. Don’t get me wrong, we have lots of article on gun and gear reviews. But what you’ll find is the majority of our editorial covers stories about the people who LIVE the armed lifestyle.

Here are the titles of our “regular columns”:
1. The Ordinary Guy – This is a column by one of our members. He writes about interesting life incidents as an armed citizen from the perspective of an “ordinary guy”.
2. Cocked and Locked – This is a column by the infamous Robert Boatman. Boatman is the author of Living with Glocks, Living with the 1911, and Living with the .50 BMG. He writes with a very dry wit!... this column is a favorite of many of our readers.
3. Armed Senior Citizen – This was another column suggested by one of our members. It is written by Dr. Bruce Eimer who is a clinical psychologist. As you can probably guess from the title of the column. He writes about the special situations that a senior citizen has to deal with while “always being armed”.
4. The History Corner – This is a short column that discusses the wonderful firearms heritage of our country. A short but always interesting read.
5. Street Tactics: Reality Based Gun and Knife Fighting – This is our regular training and tactics column by the infamous trainer Gabe Suarez. Gabe does a fantastic job covering every imaginable aspect of gun and knife fighting tactis.

No, aside from our regular columns, Concealed Carry Magazine really focuses on the “how-to” and “what-to” of carrying a concealed weapon. We have many, many articles that review different training companies, and lots of article that discuss specific concealed carry scenarios.

Tim, let’s talk about a few specific articles that have appeared in past issues of Concealed Carry Magazine…

Here is just a sampling of some of our most recent article titles:
• Course Review of Massad Ayoobs LFI-1: Judicious Use of Deadly Force
o One of our members recently did a review on this firearms training program.
o He talks in detail about every aspect of the course… really helps you to evaluate the potential value of a training course before you go and spend the money.

• The value of Dry-Fire practice.
o The article goes into detail about the numerous important steps that you must take to ensure that your dry-fire training is safe and effective.
o The article talks about the most effective dry-fire drills.
• Common Sense Pointers for Carrying Concealed
o This article talks about the most common mistakes that people will make when it comes to carry a concealed weapon.
o Most of these mistakes can have deadly consequences!
• School Shootings, Workplace Violence and Guns
o This is a recent cover story talking about the radical shift in the way society thinks and feels about firearms and self-defense.
o Like most of our writers, the author of this column pulls no punches when it comes to explaining the deadly consequence when guns are taboo.
• Your Defensive Handgun: To Port or Not to Port
o This article analyzes the pros and cons of using a ported barrel on a your carry gun. A truly fascinating read!
• Awareness Games, Self Training
o Most of us have heard of Jeff Cooper’s four levels of awareness. Well this article lays out some very valuable self-training games that you can play to fully develop your situational awareness.
• Belts – More Than Just A Way to Keep Your Pants Up
o A lot of people will overlook the importance of a high quality belt when it comes to concealed carry. An inappropriate belt can render a gun useless and this article explains exactly how that can happen.
• The Difference Between a Pacifist and a Victim
o The article explains how a person can carry a .45 Auto with 2 back-up magazines and STILL be considered a pacifist. Doesn’t make sense? Will our guest author Kate Graham eloquently explains the difference between a pacifist and a victim.
• Half Cocked: Why Most of What You See in the Media About Guns is Wrong
o The famed author John Lott Jr. describes how the media only illustrates the use of guns in crime cases, when in fact, guns are used defensively much more often. The article is packed with shocking statistical data!
• We Don’t Need No “Steenking” 2nd Amendment
o One of my favorite articles. It explains that the 2nd Amendment does not guarantee ANY rights! It simply affirms a NATURAL-BORN right. The right of self-defense.
• Psychological Preparedness For Combat Survival
o This piece explains how training isn’t only physical. Your body works in conjunction with your mind. The author explains in great detail how you must train you mind as much as you train your body to be ready for ANY situation.
• “Cocked & Locked” Should You Screw up Your Courage and Go to a Shooting Match?
o The author of this column, Bob Boatman lays down a challenge. If you really want to see how you well you firearms training is paying off, go to a IDPA or IPSC match and compete! Then you’ll know!
• “Armed Senior Citizen” - Refuse to be a Victim
o Ah yes. This is the column that I am the most proud of. The idea of it came from a USCCA member. Since we started the “Armed Senior Citizen” it is by far the most talked about column that we publish. The column goes into minute detail about all of the special considerations that a senior citizen must pay attention to when going armed. This column has a TON of fascinating information in EVERY issue.
• “Cocked & Locked” Your Gun’s Diet is More Important Than Your Own
o There are SO MANY types of ammo on the market today that it is hard to know what to feed your gun. This article does a fantastic job of explaining and contrasting the different types of hollow points, jacked hollow points, frangible, hot loads, etc. VERY solid info here.
• How to Make Your Wife Hate Guns
o This is a tongue-in-cheek account of what your typical guy does to completely alienate his wife from firearms. It is a hilarious article but all too true.
• But What Do I Tell My Mother? –And Other Vexing Social Questions
o This article handles the problem that far too many “armed citizens” have to deal with. What do we say to our special “loved one” who is completely afraid of or even “against” firearms

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