JPFO works to destroy so-called "gun control" (code words for disarming innocent people), exposing misguided notions that lead people to seek so-called "gun control," and we encourage Americans to understand and defend all the Bill of Rights for all citizens.


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Your Civil Rights Shouldn't Depend On Your Address Or Your Judge

By Lee Williams. May 17, 2024

The American tradition of home gunsmithing was not specifically codified in the Constitution. Perhaps it should have been. I understand why the Founders left it out. They were practical men, of course, chock-full of common sense. [...]



"District of Crime": Shocking Case Characteristic of D.C. Approach to Violence

By NRA-ILA. May 15, 2024

When a reasonable person finds it impossible to take anti-gun big city politicians and their professed "need" for more 'gun control' seriously, maybe it's stories like this one from Washington, D.C. that play a role. [...]



By The Numbers

By Dave Workman. May 13, 2024

Just in case you missed it — and a lot of people evidently did — a publication called Legal Reader recently reported some interesting gun-related crime data, and there are enough statistics to provide all kinds of arguments [...]



Grassroots Judicial Report—May 8, 2024

By Tanya Metaksa. May 10, 2024

What we want is for the AR/Mag cases to be 'relisted,' and then subsequently heard at a future conference. If SCOTUS is inclined to grant cert, then they will relist the case once or twice as the law clerks study the potential case very carefully [...]



JPFO Needs Your Support

By JPFO.May 8, 2024

"JPFO is dedicated to fighting for your right to keep and bear arms, but we can't do it without your support. We're asking for your help in keeping the lights on and keeping us in the fight." [...]



Anti-'Gun Control' Arguments 2024: Facts 'Gun Control' Lobby Suppress

By Cassandra McBride. May 6, 2024

Anti-'gun control' arguments are in no short supply. From the historical tradition of firearms in America to the threat of violent crime, there's something for everyone on this side of the aisle. [...]



Guns and Crime Control

By Rob Morse, May 3, 2024

A woman found a man who had broken into her home. She shot the intruder in order to protect herself. The intruder died at the scene. There are good reasons to have sympathy for both the attacker and the defender. [...]



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