JPFO works to destroy so-called "gun control" (code words for disarming innocent people), exposing misguided notions that lead people to seek so-called "gun control," and we encourage Americans to understand and defend all the Bill of Rights for all citizens.


Recent News and Opinion

Judge Rules Ban on Gun Possession for Marijuana Users Unconstitutional

By Dean Weingarten. Feb 6, 2023

On May 20, 2022, the defendant, Jared Michael Harrison, was pulled over by the Lawton Police department for an alleged traffic violation. The officer smelled marijuana. Harrison was on bond [...]



Armed Neighbors and Heroes Save More Lives

By Rob Morse. Feb 6, 2023

Here in the United States, we defend ourselves with a firearm several thousand times a day. Each week we look at a few recent examples to see what we can learn. The discussion of each episode is on the Self Defense Gun Stories webpage. [...]



JPFO Honors Talk Host Seth Leibsohn With Prestigious "David & Goliath" Award

By JPFO. Feb 3, 2023

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership ( has honored radio talk host Seth Leibsohn with the "David & Goliath" award for his robust efforts to defend liberty and the right to keep and bear arms. [...]



Mass Shootings Actually Increased During Federal 'Assault Weapons' Ban

By E. Gregory Wallace &
George A. Mocsary. Feb 1, 202

'Assault weapons' ban proponents say that such bans will save lives. A recent opinion column published in the Chicago Sun-Times claims that the risk of dying in a mass shooting was 70 percent lower during the 1994-2004 federal assault weapons ban. [...]



When and How We Should Teach Our Children About Armed Defense

By Rob Morse. Jan 31, 2023

I write about armed defense every week. We've covered many stories where young men and women defended themselves or their family. We've talked around the issue of teenagers and guns, but let's look at it directly. When should we teach our children [...]



Self-defense for European Jews - and everyone else

By Adam B. Summers.Jan 30, 2015

There is a growing sense of unease these days among Jews in Europe. In the wake of rising anti-Semitism on the Continent, including shootings by apparent Islamic extremists at a kosher market in Paris last month that killed four [...]

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