JPFO works to destroy so-called "gun control" (code words for disarming innocent people), exposing misguided notions that lead people to seek so-called "gun control," and we encourage Americans to understand and defend all the Bill of Rights for all citizens.


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Debate, John Lott and Sanford Levison: Was the Second Amendment a Mistake?

By Dean Weingarten. Apr 10, 2024

On March 11, 2024, Dr. John Lott debated the eminent law professor Sanford Levinson on the subject: Was the Second Amendment a Mistake? The debate lasted about an hour. It was held at the University of Wisconsin [...]



Cracking The Code: 'Felon In Possession' Underscores 'Gun Control' Myth

By Dave Workman. Apr 8, 2024

The headline in an Op-Ed about so-called "red flag" laws, published by the Portland, Maine Press-Herald, says more about 'gun control' than perhaps was intended. [...]



Arm Up! – Let My People Know

By William Barclay Masterson. Apr 5, 2024

As you may have guessed from the picture and the "let my people go" Moses reference changed to "let my people know" (which I borrowed from Rabbi Steinsaltz), this article is being written for my fellow Jews. [...]



Anti-gun group plagiarizes photos of top female shooters to gaslight the public

By Lee Williams. Apr 3, 2024

This is the busiest time of year for professional shooter, wife, mother and Army veteran, Julie Golob. She is hosting classes and training hard for the upcoming competition season, which begins later this month. [...]



Gun Skills | Occluded Dots

By Frank Melloni. Apr 1, 2024

During your introductory pistol training, you were likely told to bring the front sight or dot into the sharpest focus possible while allowing your target to blur. This was and still is the best way to produce your most-accurate shot; however, accuracy comes at the cost of speed [...]



Harris marks Parkland shooting anniversary with bribe to states that push 'red flag' law

By Matt Manda. Mar 29, 2024

Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Parkland, Florida, to mark the anniversary of the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy, where a known deranged murderer killed 17 innocent Americans and injured 17 more. [...]



The Danger of 'Gun-Control' Speak

By Joseph Greenlee. Mar 27, 2024

Plato defined rhetoric as "the art of ruling the minds of men." 'Gun-control' advocates—especially those in the media and government—have artfully employed rhetoric for decades to evoke emotional responses, alter attitudes and shape perspectives about guns. [...]



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