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2023 Alerts

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2023 Alerts

May 26th 2023   Jewish Gun Ownership: A Paradigm Shift in American Jewish Thought

May 24th 2023   'Gun Control' Looks to Dry Up Legal Talent for Gun Industry

May 23rd 2023   How Will You Support The Second Amendment Today? Tomorrow?

May 22nd 2023   65% of USA Enjoys Right to Carry without a Government Permission Slip

May 19th 2023   CAUGHT! Biden using fake data to gaslight Americans on mass shootings[murders:ed]

May 17th 2023   Rep. Boebert Intros Bill to Repeal RINO Gun Control & Defend 2nd Amendment

May 16th 2023   The Second Amendment and American Jewry: A Necessity Born From History

May 15th 2023   KY: Louisville Mass Murderer: Killing was to Promote 'Gun Control' Agenda

May 12th 2023   SCOTUS To Hear Case That Could Curb ATF Overreach

May 10th 2023   What the media doesn't want you to know about its mass-murder narrative

May 9th 2023   Biden Again Calls For Semi-Auto Ban Following TX Murders

May 8th 2023   A Diabolic 'Gun Control' Strategy

May 5th 2023   Signs Don't Stop Evildoers

May 3rd 2023   'Assault Weapon' Bans Look More Legally Vulnerable Than Ever

May 2nd 2023   Biden ATF Director Supports "Assault Weapons" Ban, (Still) Can't Explain What that Means

May 1st 2023   The Rust Pipeline

Apr 28th 2023   Call Out the 'Gun Control' Liars When They Lie About 'Gun Control' Efficacy

Apr 26th 2023   Review: The History of Bans on Types of Arms Before 1900

Apr 25th 2023   Murder Zones

Apr 24th 2023   How the British 'Gun Control' Program Precipitated the American Revolution

Apr 21st 2023   If You Want Fewer Shootings, Ask Politicians To Back Off

Apr 19th 2023   Last week at the ATF ...

Apr 18th 2023   The myth of "due process" and Red Flag laws

Apr 17th 2023   Why focusing on AR-15s for mass shootings is dumb

Apr 14th 2023   NICS for March, 2023 Fourth Highest March for Gun Sales and Background Checks

Apr 12th 2023   Another Fed Judge Rejects DOJ's Argument That Cannabis Users Have No 2A Rights

Apr 11th 2023   Counting the Uncountable Lives Saved by Good Guys with Guns

Apr 10th 2023   Oregon's Anti Second Amendment Hoplophobia

Apr 7th 2023   Do 'More Guns Lead To More Deaths'?

Apr 5th 2023   Encounter with Yuma Police Officer, Outside Radio Studio

Apr 4th 2023   The Footnote to End All 'Gun Control'

Apr 3rd 2023   10 things the ATF doesn't want you to know

Mar 31st 2023   Lethal Vector: Incentives to Kill Innocents Rage Forward

Mar 31st 2023   America's latest threat, "the woke," almost as bad as communism

Mar 29th 2023   Fifth Circuit: Ban on 2A Protected Rights by Civil Restraining Order is Unconstitutional

Mar 28th 2023   Biden Swiftly Exploits Nashville Shooting to Push Gun Ban Demand

Mar 27th 2023   The Dishonesty of Judges and the California Handgun Roster

Mar 24th 2023   Defending Our Children with Trained Staff

Mar 22nd 2023   Lott: Biden trying to push failed California gun 'control'

Mar 21st 2023   U.S. Taxpayers Funding "Red Flag" Gun Confiscation Orders

Mar 20th 2023   Gun Control is NOT Crime Control

Mar 17th 2023   'An All-Out Assault on the 2A': Gun Rights Groups Respond to Biden's New Executive Order

Mar 15th 2023   Young: Name, Shame, and Blame Gun Rights Supporters Until the 2A is Repealed

Mar 14th 2023   Five .22 Cartridge Velocities: as Advertised, in Rifle and Three Pistols

Mar 13th 2023   The Drug Exception to the Second Amendment

Mar 10th 2023   Credit Card Companies 'Pause' Implementation of New Gun Purchase Tracking Code

Mar 8th 2023   Indy Police Have Secretly Funneled Firearm Data To ATF

Mar 7th 2023   Banks Increasingly Back Political Scheme To Track Gun Purchases by Credit Card

Mar 6th 2023   The CDC Isn't About Science -- It's About 'Gun Control'

Mar 3rd 2023   WV: Campus Carry Law Removes Power of "Higher Education" Administrators to Ban Campus Carry

Mar 1st 2023   Less-offensive EDC Tools

Feb 28th 2023   NY's Message to Gun Owners: You Can Have a Carry Permit. Good Luck Using It

Feb 27th 2023   Debunking Gun-Banners' False Constitutional-Carry Claims

Feb 24th 2023   Gun Controllers Have It All Figured Out

Feb 22nd 2023   California Goes Full 'Woke' on Gun Industry Banking Discrimination

Feb 21st 2023   Hogg says Second Amendment 'intentionally misinterpreted' to protect individual rights

Feb 20th 2023   A 99-Percent Solution to Stop Mass-Murders

Feb 17th 2023   Montana Tells AG Garland: We Will not Aid ATF in Enforcing Pistol Brace Rule

Feb 15th 2023   Federal District Court Judge Orders Illinois to Show Examples of Every Newly-Banned Firearm

Feb 14th 2023   SOTU Inevitably Included an Attack on the 2A

Feb 13th 2023   Grassroots Legislative Update—Feb. 13, 2023

Feb 10th 2023   In Wake of SCOTUS 2A Decision, Uncertainty Plagues Gun Laws New and Old

Feb 8th 2023   Anti-Gun Group Wants CA to Continue as Petri Dish for Failed Anti-Gun Policies

Feb 7th 2023   Judge Rules Ban on Gun Possession for Marijuana Users Unconstitutional

Feb 6th 2023   Armed Neighbors and Heroes Save More Lives

Feb 3rd 2023   JPFO Honors Talk Host Seth Leibsohn With Prestigious "David & Goliath" Award

Feb 1st 2023   Fact-Check: Mass Shootings Actually Increased During Federal 'Assault Weapons' Ban

Jan 31st 2023   When and How We Should Teach Our Children About Armed Defense

Jan 30th 2023   Self-defense for European Jews - and everyone else

Jan 27th 2023   Get Ready For Another Cynical, Useless, Dem 'Gun-Control' Push

Jan 25th 2023   CA Shootings Open Gate For 'Gun Control' Rhetoric

Jan 24th 2023   Correia: The Fuddy, Self-Righteous, Guns-for-me-but-not-for-thee Contingent Are Dying Off

Jan 23rd 2023   AmmoLand Cited in DC Mass Transportation Second Amendment Case

Jan 20th 2023   What Supreme Court's Order To NY State In Antonyuk vs Nigrelli Really Means

Jan 18th 2023   The Shtetl Mentality

Jan 17th 2023   Justices Warn NY Carry Restrictions Raise 'Serious' Questions

Jan 16th 2023   Emotions, Police Chiefs, and Celebrity Murders

Jan 13th 2023   What the News Can't Tell Us About Armed Defense, Shootings, and Gunfights

Jan 11th 2023   3rd Circuit Considers Whether Nonviolent Crimes Justify the Loss of 2A Rights

Jan 10th 2023   DOJ Angers 'Gun Control' Allies by Truthfully Admitting NICS Can't Stop Violent Criminals

Jan 9th 2023   2023 Media Profit Center: A Seminar for Calculating Psychopathic Killers

Jan 6th 2023   Ryan Busse, Corporate Hypocrite, Should Give Up His Guns First

Jan 4th 2023   Second Amendment Liberty's Most Essential Safeguard 200 Years Later

Jan 3rd 2023   The Case Of The Dueling Attorneys General

Jan 2nd 2023   Beware Scam gun sales sites


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