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2020 Alerts

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2020 Alerts

December 30th 2020   Historic Leaders Understood Second Amendment's Importance

December 29th 2020   There is Nothing Wrong With Clinging to Your Values, and Your Property

December 28th 2020   Two Words

December 24th 2020   ATF Rules Capricious, Arbitrary, Political, and Stupid

December 23rd 2020   21 Democrats Demand They, and all Members of Congress be Disarmed

December 22nd 2020   Stability in a Sea of Chaos

December 21st 2020   FDR's 'Second Bill of Rights' and UN Declaration Show How 'Progressives' View You

December 18th 2020   We need honest debate and rigorous research on 'gun control'

December 16th 2020   The Second Amendment: When Government Tries to Ration our Rights

December 15th 2020   Celebrate Bill of Rights Day

December 14th 2020   Failed 'Gun Control' Lessons From the Firearms Black Market

December 11th 2020   Biden Aide Promises "Big, Bold" Executive Actions On Guns

December 9th 2020   Houston: Carry Signage and 1st Amendment Lawsuit

December 8th 2020   Gun Safety: Are Negligent Discharges Inevitable?

December 7th 2020   Mexico Proves More 'Gun Control' Does Not Mean Less Crime

December 4th 2020   Disarmed But Not Dangerous

December 2nd 2020   Gun Prohibitionists Exploiting Suicide to Advance Disarmament Agenda

December 1st 2020   U.S. Ammo Market, Production Status?

November 30th 2020   Confiscation Clock 1 Minute Closer to Midnite

November 27th 2020   'Safety' Tips from Gun Prohibitionists Have Hidden Agenda

November 25th 2020   MI: Gun Turn-in Upstaged by Private Buyers

November 24th 2020   How Many Members Of Congress Are Armed On The Job?

November 23rd 2020   Executive Orders That 'Gun Control' Groups Want Biden To Enact

November 20th 2020   Proposed Anti-Mob Legislation: Much Needed Reform

November 18th 2020   Virginia Laws That Don't Stop Gun Violence!? Get Thumbs Up from Northam & Giffords

November 17th 2020   Many Reasons Why Biden's Gun Ban Is Unworkable

November 16th 2020   Support For New 'Gun Control' Laws Lowest Since 2016

November 13th 2020   Removing the 'Gun Control' Agenda from EVERY Major American Political Party

November 11th 2020   The Battle of Athens, Tennessee

November 10th 2020   Gun Owners Rightly Concerned About Biden's Proposals

November 9th 2020   Anniversary of Kristallnacht

November 6th 2020   2x Children Die From Glass Tabletop Accidents as Gun Accidents

November 4th 2020   Black Robes Matter.. and the 2020 Election

November 3rd 2020   New Lawsuit Challenging NJ Handgun Carry Ban

November 2nd 2020   New Law Sets Gun Control to Autopilot in California

October 30th 2020   Opinion: Protecting Gun Rights Does Not Make Communities Less Safe

October 29th 2020   An Open Letter To America From JPFO

October 28th 2020   Barrett Confirmation Means We'll See If Gun Prohibitionists Were Right to Worry

October 27th 2020   "Just shoot him in the leg"

October 26th 2020   Ninth Circuit District Judge - Superbly Argued Court Order

October 23rd 2020   Gun Ownership Double Standard

October 21st 2020   Law Professors Make Case for 2A Rights in Uncertain Times

October 20th 2020   80% Silencers, the Political Ramifications

October 19th 2020   Opinion. Second Amendment: What Are The Facts?

October 16th 2020   Follow the Law

October 14th 2020   Gun Sales and Private Ownership

October 13th 2020   NICS Needs To Be Fixed

October 12th 2020   ATF Issues Cease and Desist to Q, LLC - Honey Badger Pistol

October 9th 2020   CA Sues to Force Feds to Violate Second Amendment

October 7th 2020   Democrat's Plan: Make America a Gun-Free Zone

October 6th 2020   The Right to Armed Self-Defense in the Light of Law Enforcement Abdication

October 5th 2020   Rx for Firearms Freedom, Firearms Research Data

October 2nd 2020   Newsom Signs Microstamping Bill

September 30th 2020   'Gun-Control' Group Dodges Guns in Swing State Attack Ads

September 29th 2020   Three Major Parties Running for the White House

September 28th 2020   Why We Need SCOTUS Back In the 2A Business

September 25th 2020   New Gun Owners, and Their Choices

September 23rd 2020   Gun Rights Policy Conference 2020, Videos

September 22nd 2020   Breonna Taylor Settlement: What it means for No-knock Warrants

September 21st 2020   JPFO at The Gun Rights Policy Conference 2020 (Video)

September 18th 2020   Blaming 'Gun Violence' for Loss of Public Trust

September 16th 2020   Dangerous Opinion: Hawaii Second Amendment Knife Case

September 15th 2020   Ambush of L.A. Deputies to Push Anti-Gun Agenda

September 14th 2020   Democrats Appear Set to End Public Gun Ownership

September 11th 2020   Underscoring Second Amendment's True Purpose

September 9th 2020   Medical Center: Gunshot Injuries New Study

September 8th 2020   Biden Plans "Psych" Test for Gun Ownership

September 7th 2020   NJ Magazine Limit Upheld Again

September 4th 2020   The hypocrisy of anti-Second Amendment veterans

September 2nd 2020   'Gun Control' Activists Try To Spin Record High Gun Sales

September 1st 2020   Another Anti-Gun Myth Destroyed By Reality

August 31st 2020   SCOTUS Declines to Give Us Our Freedom

August 28th 2020   Murphy Uses Pandemic for Proposed 'Gun Control' Taxes

August 26th 2020   More Medical Propaganda disguised as a "study" about Firearms and Risk

August 25th 2020   More Gun Sales Don't Mean a Bigger Gun Vote

August 24th 2020   Democrats Predict Forced Citizen Disarmament will be a Winner This Time Around

August 21st 2020   Gun speeches at Dem's convention misleading

August 19th 2020   Believable Poll - You Must Protect Yourself

August 18th 2020   Self-Defense Case and Need For "Large Capacity" Magazines

August 17th 2020   California Gun Mag Ban Shut Down

August 14th 2020   An Interview Regarding The Second Amendment (Video)

August 12th 2020   Project ChildSafe Yields 55% Reduction in Child Gun Fatalities

August 11th 2020   Prosecutorial Misconduct Over McCloskey Self Defense, Details of Gate Entry

August 10th 2020   In Praise of an Uncompromising Bastard (Revisited)

August 7th 2020   Government Cannot Protect You! You Must Protect Yourself!

August 5th 2020   'Gun-Control' Fails Again, same lie, different day

August 4th 2020   How The Media Lies About Guns

August 3rd 2020   Gun Dealer on 'New Normal' and the Guns and Ammo Ordeal

July 31st 2020   De Blasio and Shea target "Gun Violence" as NYC Crime Skyrockets

July 29th 2020   If you can't pass Biden's test, you can't have a gun!

July 28th 2020   Below The Radar: Background Check Completion Act of 2020

July 27th 2020   How Does New York City Get Away With This?

July 24th 2020   The Media Can't Stop Misleading on Guns

July 22nd 2020   "Moms Demand Action" Head : "Police Violence is Gun Violence"

July 21st 2020   Your Rights Come Before Politics

July 20th 2020   Is "Gun Control" on Vacation

July 17th 2020   College Student Disciplined Over Photo With Rifle

July 15th 2020   For Want of a Nail

July 14th 2020   Taxpaying Gun Owners Being Forced to Fund Brady Subversion

July 13th 2020   New "Study" On Gun Culture Really An Attack On 2A Activism

July 10th 2020   The Broken Record - Mayors Blame Guns

July 8th 2020   Media & Anti's Painfully Silent Double Standard on Armed Black Protestors

July 7th 2020   Gun Owner Reports on Wisconsin Open Carry and Walmart Request

July 6th 2020   Socialism Must Be Crushed--Or It Will Crush Us

July 1st 2020   The Founders on What The Second Amendment Really Means

June 30th 2020   "The Tactical Rabbi" Joins JPFO as Ambassador

June 29th 2020   Far-Left 'Defund Police' Efforts Fueling Gun Sales, Perhaps Creating 2A Activists

June 26th 2020   The Roberts Court Will Not Defend the Second Amendment, Ever!

June 24th 2020   'Gun Control' Invading Local PTAs Everywhere

June 23rd 2020   Gun Owners' Mindset: We Do Not Abide

June 22nd 2020   The Anti-Police Rioters Finally Got Me To Buy My First Gun

June 19th 2020   Equal Justice Under Law? Not If You Want to Exercise Your 2A Rights

June 18th 2020   "Defund Police"? - "Defend Police"!

June 17th 2020   Justice Thomas Backs Gun Rights

June 16th 2020   SCOTUS Denies Writs On All Pending 2A Cases

June 15th 2020   The Insanity of "No-Knock" Raids

June 12th 2020   Teaching New Gun Owners to Cheat and Survive

June 10th 2020   "Second Amendment Cases" Before SCOTUS Bypass Core Purpose

June 9th 2020   The Left's Lust for Violence and the Control of Guns

June 8th 2020   An Obituary For 'Gun Control'

June 5th 2020   So You Think Tyranny Can't Happen Here?

June 3rd 2020   Dallas Beating: Why We Defend the Second Amendment

June 2nd 2020   Brazil's President Bolsonaro: "An armed people will never be enslaved!"

June 1st 2020   Gun Cases Could Prompt Supreme Court to Bolster Second Amendment

May 29th 2020   'Convenient' System Glitches Lead to Confiscations

May 27th 2020   PA, NY CA LA, 2nd Circuit, ATF, and More!

May 26th 2020   Suicides not impacted by 'gun control' laws

May 25th 2020   First-Time Gun Buyers Explain How Coronavirus Changed Their Politics

May 22nd 2020   An anti-red flag law

May 20th 2020   The RKBA is Not in Dispute, but ....

May 19th 2020   Gun Control Bills Are Anti-Semitic

May 18th 2020   Former ATF Agent Mocks New Gun Owners

May 15th 2020   Democrats Still Waving Red Flags

May 13th 2020   NC: Demonstrating With Guns: G.S. 14-277.2

May 12th 2020   Wake Up: COVID-19 Pandemic Not Impeding Anti-Gun Activism

May 11th 2020   U.S. Outlier in Mass Public Shooting Events, or Mass Shooters?

May 8th 2020   Just How Far Can Gun Bans Go?

May 6th 2020   Below The Radar: The Safe Gun Storage Act

May 5th 2020   Anti 2A Northam Doesn't Have it All His Own Way

May 4th 2020   'Gun Controls' Fail: Canadian Mass Murderer Prohibited Possessor

May 1st 2020   The History Behind New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York

April 29th 2020   Communist Chinese Stole Your Social Security Number

April 28th 2020   Virginia Anti-gun Activist Unveils 2021 'Gun Control' Agenda

April 27th 2020   SCOTUS Punts on Gun Rights, Declares New York State Rifle & Pistol Case Moot

April 24th 2020   Citizen Cleared of Shooting Police After 5 Years

April 22nd 2020   Biden's Proposed 'Gun Control Gift'

April 21st 2020   Red Flag vs. Suicides, Study Falls Short

April 20th 2020   New Republic: It's Time to Regulate 'Assault Weapons' the Same Way We Do Machine Guns

April 17th 2020   Pandemic Changes Some Anti-2A Minds

April 15th 2020   Wuhan Virus, Self-Defense and the Second Amendment

April 14th 2020   No, The Second Amendment Has Nothing To Do With National Guard

April 13th 2020   Ohio Judges are Out to Lunch While Kids are Out of School

April 10th 2020   Taking Down The Incredibly Weak Arguments For Closing Gun Stores

April 9th 2020   Would a Democrat Admin Keep Gun Rights Intact?

April 8th 2020   Bolsonaro's Brazil, More Guns, Fewer Homicides

April 7th 2020   Ignorant Ridicule of Guns During Pandemic

April 6th 2020   Fed Gov Includes Firearms Industry as Essential

April 3rd 2020   Choosing a Firearm - Infographic

April 2nd 2020   NJ, CA Gun-Store Closures Only a Symptom

April 1st 2020   Everytown Law: Says it's OK to Close Gun Stores

March 31st 2020   What Is "Common Sense" About Guns?

March 30th 2020   Truckers Call for Exercise of 2A Rights Nationwide During Emergency

March 27th 2020   1st Amendment Right To Assemble is "Erased" By Chinese Coronavirus

March 25th 2020   Yes, You Need a Gun During the Virus Scare..and After

March 24th 2020   JPFO Faults "Gun Controllers" For Lack of Safety

March 23rd 2020   No Cops to Save You, but Too Bad You Couldn't Get a Gun to Protect Yourself

March 20th 2020   Bay Area Closures Point to National Vulnerability on Guns and Ammo

March 19th 2020   JPFO Applauds Dramatic Rise in Gun Sales

March 18th 2020   Violence solves a lot

March 17th 2020   More Americans Discovering What's Really Required to Buy a Gun

March 16th 2020   Can Government Officials Be Trusted With Our Children's Lives

March 13th 2020   What do U.S. states say about mental illness treatment and firearm possession?

March 11th 2020   The 2nd Amendment - Let's Take it Back

March 10th 2020   Lawyers' Professional Standards Group Promotes 'Gun Control' Over Protecting Rights

March 9th 2020   Young Black Women are the Target of Crime.. and Democrat Politics

March 6th 2020   Justice Gorsuch on the Bump Stock Ban Denial of Cert in GUEDES v. BATFE

March 4th 2020   By Partnering With Beto, Biden Has Declared War on America's Gun Owners

March 3rd 2020   Progressive's Use of Hypotheticals Illustrated by LA Times Article

March 2nd 2020   Gun Owners Can Be Peaceful

February 28th 2020   1934 NFA, the Failed 1938 NFA, Miller, and the Regulation of Gun Parts

February 26th 2020   100 years after Prohibition, it's still a doomed proposition

February 25th 2020   Stop and Frisk

February 24th 2020   The Usual Anti-Self-Defense Bigotry Would Make Bloomberg Proud

February 21st 2020   The "Assault" ban obsession is no answer

February 19th 2020   Magazines, Weapons & Violence: Words Have Meaning

February 18th 2020   An Opinion on 'Gun Control' Compromise

February 17th 2020   ATF Proposes Step to Make a National Gun Registry Easier

February 14th 2020   New York Politicians Lied and Their 'Gun-Control' Laws Failed Again

February 12th 2020   More Assaults on MD Gun Owners - Action Needed

February 11th 2020   Dems Pushing "Compromise" Gun and Mag Ban that Infringes Rights

February 10th 2020   Florida Referendum on Semi-Autos Fails with 19% of Needed Signatures

February 7th 2020   Below the Radar: The Gun Theft Prevention Act

February 5th 2020   Some State AGs sue to Stop First Amendment, Impose Controls on Firearms Information

February 4th 2020   Florida Carry Has a Plan

February 3rd 2020   Bad Medicine: 'Gun Control' Advocacy Doesn't Stand Up to the Facts

January 31st 2020   Delaware's Attack on Second Amendment: Making Your Own Gun to Be Banned

January 29th 2020   False Use of Language Causes Harm

January 28th 2020   Seeing Red in Virginia

January 27th 2020   Full Interview with Holocaust Survivor, Theodore Haas

January 24th 2020   What's To Fear With "Reasonable" 'Gun Control'? Plenty

January 22nd 2020   A Thesis on our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and how to reverse the damage

January 21st 2020   Media Reminds Gun Owners What They Really Think Of Us

January 20th 2020   How Can Jewish People Best Defend Against Violent Antisemitic Hate-Crime

January 19th 2020   Virginia Governor Sets a Trap for Lobby Day, 20 January, 2020

January 17th 2020   Pastor, We Have to Talk About Our Family

January 16th 2020   Jewish Community Now Taking "Never Again" VERY Seriously

January 15th 2020   Virginia Set for Showdown at Gun Rights Rally

January 14th 2020   Violating The Constitution Requires "Dereliction Of Oath"

January 10th 2020   Everytown's 'Red Flag' Warning: 'H.R. 8 was just the beginning'

January 8th 2020   Armed Self Defense Really Works

January 7th 2020   CO New 'Red Flag' Law Assumes Gun Confiscation Orders Will Be Granted 95% of the Time

January 6th 2020   Never Again Again

January 3rd 2020   Inconvenient Truths About Guns and 'Gun Control'

January 1st 2020   Lying Anti-Trump Ad No Surprise When You See Who's Behind It


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