The 2nd Amendment - Let's Take it Back, Release: March 10th, 2020.

A New Jersey based USAF Veteran has launched an independent series of original short films designed to combat anti-gun rights rhetoric. The first film to launch is available now and titled: "The 2nd Amendment - Let's Take it Back", it can be seen now on YouTube: The film is part of a series featuring 41 average Americans, all of whom volunteered their time because they believe wholeheartedly in the project.

The film series crosses political, racial, and socio-economic lines to give regular citizens a voice and put a face to Americans who support Gun Rights. The film's writer/director, Anthony Smith states: "Bloomberg and other politicians have worked tirelessly to demonize a Civil Right that belongs to every American; I will make my best effort to humanize us at an equal level." The project was filmed in NJ at the Union Hill Gun Club and Gun for Hire range.

Smith's reason for undertaking the project in his own words: "My civil rights were unjustly attacked the moment NJ instituted a 10 round magazine limitation in 2018, and I felt as though something that to reach and influence millions needed to be done. This is my answer."

The entire film series is designed to transmit a positive message about Civil Rights that will reach average Americans through an organic grass roots sharing effort. The series took 5 months to film. "If you believe in the 2nd Amendment, and you're an average American - please share the video. I made this for all of us" stated Anthony Smith. The first release, titled: "The 2nd Amendment - Let's Take it Back" was created to convey the following 4 items:

• Put human faces to the 2nd Amendment and Civil Rights
• Encourage Americans to take possession of the 2nd Amendment - they are our rights, and belong to the people
• Make the statement that now is the time to take those rights back, because they are threatened like never before
• Leave the audience with the question: "How do we take our rights back?"

"2A Productions was founded to create gripping media that positively represents our Civil Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It's goal is to positively influence the perception of the 2nd Amendment through Education, Activism, Marketing, & Entertainment. Lastly, to insure Civil Rights remain our focus and that partisan politics, racism, and discrimination never have a presence in our work to insure we all have Equal Civil Rights."


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