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July 7, 1999

Don't Let Your Fellow Citizens be Vulnerable ... and Stupid!

Racism and hate are not dead in America. Benjamin Smith proved that last weekend when he conducted his private killing campaign against blacks, Jews and Asians. Former Illinois state senator remarked about Smith’s Saturday attack on some Jews: "They are so vulnerable on the Sabbath because they’re walking down normal residential streets without anything to protect them."

Correct. Unarmed defenseless people are waiting targets of haters and killers. The police cannot protect everybody, and have no legal duty to protect individuals from violent attacks. These truths are undentiable.

In the words of one commentator: "Minority groups and private citizens would have to be Stupid to disarm themselves -- when the monsters and murderers are armed, and the police cannot stop them."

JPFO supporters: take this opportunity to contact minority-owned media (newspapers, radio stations) and challenge them with this question: "History shows there will always be violent hate-mongers like Ben Smith out there, and the police are impotent to stop them -- so, do you seriously want to strip people of their power to defend themselves?"

We must not let the gun-prohibitionists stampede the communities of blacks, Jews, Asians or anyone else into supporting more "gun control" because of well-publicized hate-based atrocities. Act Now-- use the materials on our website -- order Gran’pa Jack #4 "Gun Control" is Racist!" booklets -- get the word out today!

Even if you send one letter and one booklet to one minority-owned outlet in your town, you are moving America in the right direction.


You can order Gran'pa Jack #4 on-line using our secure order systemfrom this URL:


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