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July 9, 1999

Rabbi Mermelstein on The Mitzvah

This decade, the last of the millennium, has seen a scourge of violence and terrorism right here on American soil that is without precedent during any period over the last 100 years. From the worst incident of urban rioting and the most heinous act of domestic terrorism in the history of our great nation, to unspeakable carnage on public school campuses at the hands of deranged children, this century is closing with anguished screams from the victims reverberating in our heads.

Average Americans, having been conditioned from youth to adulthood that good citizens rely upon the government for their physical safety, look upon our society’s present state of disarray and conclude that if government were more powerful and the police establishment more pervasive, their personal protection would be better assured.

At what point does reliance on Mother Government pass from prudent to overly simplistic? Should those individuals that speak out against the hidden costs of big government’s deception of being capable of protecting its constituents be labeled reactionaries, troublemakers, and enemies of the State? Is it paranoiac thinking to suppose that the State would permanently silence anyone refusing to fit the mold of a good, obedient citizen?

In The Mitzvah, by Executive Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership Aaron Zelman and the prolific Libertarian author and commentator L. Neil Smith, the reader will rightfully be aroused and made to feel uncomfortable about big government wearing a paper thin veneer of respect for non-conformist viewpoints.

To those open minded individuals who presently believe that the relevance of the Second Amendment has been replaced by more government and more policemen, The Mitzvah is a fictional work that we hope will cause them to reconsider their position. It makes clear the concept that the right of citizens to keep and bear arms is not an impediment to a safe society; it is the sole implement by which we can secure it.

Rabbi R. Mermelstein
Los Angeles, California

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