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August 1, 1999

The Anti-Gun Culture Kills Nine in Atlanta

The calculating killer in Atlanta (Mark Barton) beat his ex-wife and children to death with a blunt instrument on Tuesday and Wednesday. The next day he entered two separate office buildings and coldly murdered nine more people.

None of these victims or their co-workers had taken the simple precaution that Georgia law allows -- none of them was carrying a concealed firearm. Why not?

A Georgia state legislator informs us that law-abiding, sane citizens of that state can obtain a concealed carry permit without difficulty under Georgia's "shall issue" concealed carry law. Why weren't any of these people carrying a firearm?

The answer is startling simple: the "mainstream culture" discouraged them. Media mouths and "gun control" lobbyists have conditioned people to hate and fear firearms. Governments have promised to protect people from crime and installed "911" systems for response to emergencies. The result has been de facto disarmament of victims.

Now try to follow this logic: the "gun control" lobbyists say that gun violence is escalating, and that we need more "gun control" laws to stop the violence. The lobbyists point to the several relatively recent killings in school yards, Post Office facilities and other such places. They say that there is so much shooting going on that the people need to be disarmed. And yet, if an armed attacker is menacing, they tell citizens to dial 911 to get help ... from police officers carrying guns.

Connect the dots of the gun phobes and you see this result: when there is an increase in violent attacks, there must be an increase in armed response. The gun prohibitionists want the armed response to come only from police, but they still want an armed response. The fact is, however, that the police in the great majority of states owe no legal duty to protect individuals from criminal attack. Also, the police cannot be everywhere all the time. (Well, at least not until the totalitarians take over.)

So if the gun prohibitionists are correct about the wave of maniacal murders in offices and schools, then the answer must be to have an armed response even more available than the police. That answer is to encourage peace-loving, nonviolent, sane people to carry concealed firearms for defense.

The anti-gun propagandists have taught people to avoid or refuse to arm themselves. They have taught people, as have the socialist propagandists, to rely upon the government to take care of everything. It isn't chic, or cool, or hip, or politically correct to carry a firearm. City-dwellers in office buildings, and teachers and administrators in schools, leave themselves wide open to criminal attackers, because the anti-gun lobby has dictated what's fashionable in defense strategy.

The anti-gun propaganda helped assure the deaths of those people killed in the Atlanta brokerage offices. Remember the woman who left her firearm in her car when she and her parents ate at Lubey's cafeteria in Texas? The armed killer who came in that day cut her parents down, right before her eyes, and the woman was unable to protect them ... because she had beenafraid of the consequences of peacefully carrying a concealed firearm for defense. How many of the office workers in Atlanta might have brought a firearm to work every day, routinely and peacefully, had they felt that it was their right and duty to help defend against possible criminal attack?

Ironically, in Georgia many of those office workers could have carried a concealed firearm to work every day ... lawfully ... but were probably deterred by the negative attitude many Americans have toward firearms and their owners. This negative attitude, this fear of having and using a firearm, this dependence upon government for all protection, is the direct result of "gun control" advocacy and legislation. And so, defenseless people died ... because they were convinced not to defend themselves.

Supporters of JPFO should copy and use part or all of this alert in letters to their editors and in comments to talk show hosts. Or use the ideas in your own words. We must not let the propaganda spurred by the Atlanta incident to go unchallenged. Most people will not have thought of the points here. Write, call, fax, E-mail -- but send this message out.

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