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November 4, 1999

Hawaii's "Gun Control": Formula for Mass Murder

Looking for the formula for mass murder? Here it is:

Person with evil intent to kill many people

+ Any deadly weapon

+ Guarantee that the intended victims canít fight back

+ Expectation that the police wonít prevent the killing

= Mass murder.

All of these elements combined in Hawaii on November 2. For whatever reason, the man wanted to kill a bunch of people at the Xerox building. It doesnít matter what his reasons were, because his evil intent to kill was enough to propel him into action.

Although it was illegal for the man to possess firearms because of his criminal record, he obtained the firearms. Hawaiian and federal "gun control" laws did not prevent him from getting the deadly weapon. Dedicated criminals always manage to get deadly weapons -- even when they are locked up in prisons.

Hawaiian "gun control" laws so strongly discourage personal possession of firearms that peaceful law-abiding people working in a Xerox office building would almost certainly not carry a firearm with them to work. Ordinary Hawaiians face huge legal risks of fines and imprisonment if they are caught carrying a firearm without a permit, and the permits are hard to get. The Xerox company likely also forbade carrying weapons in the workplace, so the people faced the additional risk of losing their jobs if they carried a defensive weapon. The man intending mass murder could be practically certain to find his victims unarmed and undefended.

Although the intended victims were likely near a telephone, and perhaps could call the police, the criminal might have figured there was no reason to expect the police to arrive until after the killing started. To compound the problem for the victims, the police in Hawaii owe no legal duty to protect any specific individual(s) from criminal attack. The intending killer could expect to face no police interference with his homicidal plan.

As with all of the other multiple killings that have been publicized in the last two years, the killer(s) could trust that the victims were disarmed and undefended. "Gun control" laws, anti-firearms policies and gun-phobic culture cleared the way for the killer to attack without fear. Dial 911 emergency telephone service was either unavailable or worthless to prevent these killings.

You will hear the gun prohibitionists calling for even more "gun control" laws. They will say that even Hawaiiís laws are not "strong enough." The fact is, Hawaiian "gun control" made it possible for the killings to occur.

Donít forget the lesson that Israel learned, as described by Dr. Schiller in his interview on the JPFO website. Once Israel started arming school officials and guards, the terrorist attacks on Israeli schools ended abruptly. Once ordinary Israelis were permitted to carry concealed weapons in public places, the terrorist shooting attacks in public stopped almost entirely. A child could figure out this logic.

Even popular talk host Dr. Laura Schlessinger this year changed her mind about civilian gun possession, when she fully realized that "gun control" means victim disarmament. So long as society requires that the people be unarmed when facing criminal attack, the attacks will keep coming.

One wonders: do the gun prohibitionists really want criminals to be stopped?

* * *

Police protection failed in Hawaii on November 2, and then again just the next day in Washington State when another killer attacked unarmed people. In a nationally broadcast statement, a police department spokesperson said that witnesses to the November 3 Washington State attack had dialed 911 ... and the police arrived too late to catch the criminal.

It is time to destroy the foundation of "gun control" by smashing the myth of police protection. Get the intellectual ammunition to do that by ordering the new book, DIAL 911 AND DIE, only $11.95 postage paid. Just click on our website at and follow the signs to get more information and order the book today.

The Liberty Crew at JPFO


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