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December 6, 1999

Another blood-soaked victory for victim disarmament

The bizarre case of a 13-year old boy who shot up his school in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, on December 6 scores another victory for mandatory victim disarmament.

Obviously the law against having firearms in or near school campuses did not prevent this numbskull from trying to kill people on campus. When asked what motivated him, he said he didn't know.

What a spectacle! Laws so foolish that they open up schools as shooting grounds even for dummies who barely know what they're doing or why. This 13 year old fool was apprehended as he was still trying to pull the trigger. He is the type of idiot that the current "gun control" laws loose upon our mandatorily disarmed fellow citizens.

The message is clear: any idiot with a gun can hurt or kill a lot of school kids, because the laws enusre that the idiot will face no armed opposition.

Easy Action Item: Call talk show hosts and write very brief notes to you local newspapers, and make this simple point.

To learn how best to defend schools from terrorists and attackers, read Dr. Schiller's article at the JPFO website at

JPFO is observing the 10 year anniversary of its founding this season. If you haven't joined yet, perhaps this latest example of "gun control" mayhem will inspire you to work with JPFO. We need to keep getting the message out.

We can't let the gun prohibitionists win another propaganda skirmish -- join JPFO and help us fight back --- fight for our rights --- fight to protect the defenseless.

Call (800) 869-1884 today or click on and follow the signs to join.

The Liberty Crew


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