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December 15, 1999

Celebrate Bill of Rights Day -- December 15!

We can cheerfully report that the U.S. Bill of Rights was ratified on December 15, 1791. We should all celebrate Bill of Rights Day on December 15 every year.

More good news: Iron County, Michigan has just adopted a Bill of Rights Day Resolution. The city council will honor Bill of Rights Day in City of Moreno Valley, California by reading aloud their B.O.R.D. resolution on December 14 (the meeting night).

To see the whole list of towns and states that have adopted a Bill of Rights Day Resolution, click on

and follow the signs. A copy of the Bill of Rights is on the web site also, if you need one.

Even if you haven't planned ahead (and haven't bought a card!) you can still celebrate. Here are three easy things to do:

1. Read the entire Bill of Rights.

2. Read and discuss the Bill of Rights with a child or teen.

3. Tell five (5) other people outside of your family about Bill of Rights Day. Use e-mail if you like, and pass along the web page address (above) for people to learn more about B.O.R.D.

Show Enthusiasm for our precious Bill of Rights!

-- The Liberty Crew at JPFO

Don't forget: JPFO is your exclusive source for all your Bill of Rights Day Needs! Click on the web page and browse.


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