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June 8, 2000

50 Million Round March

JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) Endorsement, Collaboration with

June 6, 2000 (Boise, Idaho) Aaron Zelman, Executive Director of the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) [] announced today his organization's strong endorsement of the 50 Million Round March [], a grassroots effort to energize gun owners across the nation in support of their 2nd amendment rights.

On Father's Day, June 18th, and at other times throughout the year, Fathers and their families, friends and neighbors will gather at gun ranges all over the country to shoot simultaneously over fifty million rounds as a demonstration of their determination to preserve their second amendment rights. At the events, they will write letters to their elected representatives charging them to not infringe upon those rights.

In commenting on this effort, Zelman said, "At this point in American history, the 50 Million Round March is the right idea at the right time. This effort is a very sound but simple idea to send a direct message to all of those who despise liberty. May any such individuals hear the volleys at the firing ranges and quake in their jack-boots."

Another respected 2nd amendment organization, the Second Amendment Sisters (SAS) [], who held a number of well attended 2nd amendment rallies around the nation on Mother's Day, May 14, 2000, has also endorsed the 50 Million Round March. The management of SAS released the following statement regarding their unqualified endorsement of this effort:

"We are pleased to support the idea of fathers and their children coming together to enjoy a family holiday by participating in a shared interest, and what for many is an honored tradition that has been passed through the generations. These are the families who have wrongly had the burden of the so-called "violence epidemic" placed on their shoulders. On the contrary; it is they who are taking the time to supervise their children in the safe handling of firearms, and to teach them both the physical and moral consequences of abuse and carelessness. They are a shining example of the value of a caring, attentive parent, and we should all take a lesson from them."

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