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July 20, 2000
UPDATED July 22, 2000

Tom Stark has questions for Gander Mountain

Photography by Tom Stark
220 N. Alexander Ave.
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July 18, 2000

Dear Gary Havger,

I am writing to you regarding the recent termination of Mike Day, the gunsmith at your Swartz Creek store. Perhaps you could help me understand this. As I understand the facts, Mr. Day, while on his own time, went to the location of a government gun "buy back." While outside this location, he offered people a free estimate on the value of the gun they were going to turn in. He found some people who were turning in guns that were worth more than the $50 the government was paying. He did not say he represented Gander Mountain, but was wearing a Gander Mountain hat, and suggested to those who asked, that they bring their guns to Gander Mountain to sell for fair market value. Is this correct?

I further understand that his employment was then terminated for "misrepresenting" Gander Mountain. Well, I must admit, that I am now a bit confused as to what you mean. How did he "misrepresent" Gander Mountain?

Is Gander Mountain against people getting fair market value for guns they wish to sell? Or is it the position of Gander Mountain that minorities should not own guns? Now if Gander Mountain approves of these gun "buy back" programs, I have to ask "Why do you sell guns?" By doing so arenít you adding to the problem? Arenít you costing us tax dollars by putting out guns that the government has to "buy back?" Could it be that you are afraid that if the guns are sold to you, rather than the police, that they may find there way into criminal hands?

Is it the position of Gander Mountain that these gun "buy back" programs are effective and useful? At the scene, a police Lt. Complained that Mike could possibly "effect their federal funding." Notice that no mention was made of getting in the way of, or interfering with, crime reduction.

As a member of the "Detroit Sportsman Congress," the "Michigan Police Pistol Combat Association," the "Single Action Shooting Society," and the "Wolverine Rangers" I would really like to know where Gander Mountain stands. I know I have several new gun purchases in the near future, as do many others in my groups. We will all be looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to your response. I can be reached at the address on this letterhead, by phone, or by email at


Tom Stark

cc: Steve Watson

Visit us on the "Web" at


Please contact Tom Stark if you need any further information.

ADDENDUM July 22, 2000

People have asked us how to contact Gander Mountain.

A complete listing of their stores can be found on the web at:

Their FAQ gives the corporate headquarters as:

Gander Mountain
4567 West 80th St.
Bloomington, MN 55437

Phone 612.830.8700
Fax 612.832.8642

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