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October 1, 2000

Another Jew Stands Tall for the Second Amendment

During these High Holy Days, Jews reflect on the past year and contemplate their spiritual goals for the next year. JPFO offers the following letter (written by a new member) as an example of how Jews stand for traditional values -- and sometimes must stand against the policies of "mainstream" Jewish organizations - -- to protect the fundamental right to self-defense. May this letter inspire everyone to turn strong beliefs into bold action.

September 5, 2000

Anti-Defamation League
823 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Re: Gun Control

Dear Sirs:

Recently, members of the pro-Second Amendment "Tyranny Response Team" attended a Boulder, Colorado, city council meeting wearing yellow stars and using the Holocaust as a blatant "in your face" reminder of what governments have done to unarmed civilians. Bobbie Tobin, a Colorado ADL official, protested the Tyranny Response Team's "exploitation of the Holocaust to advance its position" and asked "in memory of the six million Jews and millions of others -- that you refrain from using the Nazi Genocide as a political tool again in the future."

As a result of this incident involving the Tyranny Response Team, I have now learned of the June 1999 ADL press release, in which the ADL "reaffirms support for gun control initiatives" and in which the ADL proudly asserted its long-term commitment to gun control.

As an American Jew with German, Polish and Russian roots, I am vehemently opposed to almost all forms of gun control. The ADL should remember our Jewish history. After Massada, we said "Never Again." But unfortunately, we didn't remember this vow. Time and time again, we have been slaughtered. The most recent and therefore the most vivid in our collective memories is the Holocaust. During the troubled times leading up to our slaughter, the German Jews complied with gun control laws, trusting to the State to defend and protect them. Do you remember where that trust lead? I am ashamed of our millions marching like sheep into the gas chambers. At least the Jews in Warsaw, mostly with captured firearms, were able to make the bastards pay!

I do not view the Holocaust as a political tool to be exploited in the gun control debate; it is not a tool, but a necessary reminder. All Jews should decry gun control. Never Again! I do not expect the United States to turn against the Jews, but I know that this same exact sentiment was expressed with respect to the German government many times in the 1930s. "They won't turn on us, they are just blowing off steam. We are Germans, good Germans, and the government knows it. We are too important to the economy; we are doctors, lawyers, professors, artists; we are an integral part of the society." Well, those who were complacent found themselves in concentration camps. Instead of being the doctors and professors, we became lampshades, bars of soap, landfill. The gold in our teeth became jewelry. As I said, I do not expect the United States to follow Germany into a nightmare such as the Holocaust. But just as I maintain car insurance and life insurance, I strongly support the right of law-abiding citizens to bear firearms. NEVER AGAIN!

As an American and a Jew, I wish to be able to defend myself, my family and my People in a crisis. I cannot trust to the government to protect us. Just remember how paralyzed the police are in a time of crisis. In the World Trade Organization riots in Seattle and in D.C., during the "Rodney King" riots in Los Angeles, and even in the recent disturbances following a Lakers' basketball game victory in Los Angeles, the police have proved to be unable to protect the citizenry. Even if there is no "civil unrest" to deal with, just common crime overwhelms the police resources. We live in an age of "911" system overload; far too many emergency calls to 911 go unanswered and/or are put on hold. The police response time to a burglary or armed robbery in progress is abominable. We must be prepared to protect ourselves. During the Los Angeles riots, the Korean businessmen protected their stores and livelihoods by arming their families and patrolling their establishments. We, as Jews, should do no less. NEVER AGAIN!

Buford Furrow, the mentally unstable man who attacked the Jewish Center in Northridge, California, was looking for a Jewish site to attack, but he passed up two other targets because there were armed guards there. He attacked the school because it was a "defense free zone." The man might have been crazy and he is probably of low intelligence, but he wasn't stupid enough to attack a defended position. He selected a "defense free zone." Obviously, guns in the hands of good guys helps deter violence against us. Guns are not evil; it is the wielders of the guns who use them, who determine if they will be tools used for good or evil.

Every year for the High Holidays, temples in Los Angeles hire armed guards to protect our synagogues and congregants. I assume the same is true in all the major cities in this country, and I know that in many countries, congregations maintain armed security forces year round. This is because despite the typical liberal Jew's naive opinion that guns are evil, we really know that guns in the hands of the good guys help deter violence against us. Just ask Buford Furrow!

The ADL's pro-Israeli positions probably mean that you remember when Arab terrorists used to attack Israeli schools. Did you notice when those terrorists shifted their attacks from the schools to buses, markets and tourist spots? It was after the Israeli government removed the prohibition on guns in schools. Once the teachers and administrators and other responsible adults were allowed to bear arms in school, the terrorists decided to go after other targets. A "gun free zone" is really a "defense free zone", because the criminals don't obey the laws. That's why they are called "criminals"!

Because of your stance in support of gun control, I am finally going to join the Jews For Preservation Of Firearm Ownership. The ADL's support of gun control is more than I can stomach.

I want American Jews to be viewed by non-Jews as being strong and able to defend ourselves. The Israeli armed forces changed the way the world looked at Jews, and I prefer our enemies to know the image of the Sabra (tough on the outside, gentle on the inside) instead of Woody Allen. I want Jewish children and young adults to be taught to handle guns, to fight when necessary and to defend our People. I want Jewish homes to be armed and able to defend themselves. That is anti-defamation! That is protection for our People! Remember our history; we were a warrior people, strong in our faith in the Lord, but also strong in arms. We were not sheep, afraid to fight, afraid to defend ourselves against our enemies. The phrase "NEVER AGAIN" is our promise to ourselves to defend ourselves, to be able to defend ourselves. Strong in mind and body; armed and emotionally ready to defend ourselves.

The ADL should be ashamed of its stance on gun control. Instead, you should be encouraging, no, not just encouraging, but actually sponsoring the training of our youth in self-defense and in gun safety. I don't want to create Jewish bullies, but I want to dispel the "nebbish" image. We can be strong; we must be strong.

Very truly yours,
[name withheld to protect privacy]

Forwarded by The Liberty Crew

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