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October 2, 2000

1) Letter to an Aussie & 2) Support Olympic Shooters

We're forwarding two letters this time:


Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 12:13:32 -0600
From: dick []
Subject: Interesting letter to an Aussie

Dear Mr. Zelman,

You might be interested in my essay on guns sent to an Australian e-friend of mine. I quoted one of his remarks back to him under "THEE." My response is under "Me."

Feel free to steal from this or reproduce and distribute it at will and ad libidum:

DATE: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 11:48:14 -0600
SUBJECT: On swimming and shot-putting and archery and shootin' and What If...

Hey, Dave!

THEE: "Did you see the new swim hero? some African who only learned to swim six months ago won a heat when everybody else "broke" and were disqualified! He only just made it and had to be pulled from the pool. Time? nearly TWICE the world record but we loved him!! He is now an Honorary Aussie for having a go!"


"Wie ein Held, zum Siegen!" ("Like a Hero, to the Victory!" - --From Beethoven's Ninth Symphony [lyrics from Schiller's "Ode to Joy"].)

Actually, Dave, I've avoided the Olympics like a cliche. On a scale of minus one to plus one, I'd rate my interest in it as -0.7.

The only reason it is not a full -1.0 is because of the shooting events, including archery, but I have not even followed those. And right now I am only interested in these events so that I can observe the reactions of the "politically correct" folks who dislike anything relating to shooting.

As you are aware, I am passionately devoted to the notion that every non-felonious person in the world ought to have access to his/her own very own means of self-defense (defence)... meaning, of course, guns.

I was recently watching some movie trailer or other where the citizens of some village were fleeing in panic from the massed and mounted armed forces of a rapacious and scruple-free local warlord or other.

More-or less coincident with this there were real-news reports of some renegade soldiers terrorizing and shooting citizens of some eastern European area or another.

And, with the approach of the High Jewish Holidays and the Pope's recent remarks, some news items on the Holocaust appeared on the news as well.

The "What If" section of my brain kicked in.

What if... those villagers, those citizens, those Jews were armed?

What if... every one of those villagers had taken a pot shot or two at the maurauding warlord's horsemen and their horses?

What if... every Jew on whose door the Gestapo pounded had a gun in his/her fist when they opened the door?

What if....?

There would have been no maurauding horsemen, and perhaps even no Warlord, and maybe even no reason for the movie in which this raid was portrayed.

There would have been no terrorizing of the citizenry of that mid-eastern European town.

And maybe there would have been no Holocaust.

What if...?

And I remembered that there was some British King or other who wanted to ban the good English Longbow, wrought of Yew wood and strung with gut... because a good clothyard shaft from one of these weapons could penetrate a Knight's armor at 100 paces. And the Knights, of course, could not wield Longbows from their mounts.

What if...?

And I thought of the ancient Colt SIngle Action Army .45 revolver. It didn't have the nicknames "Peacemaker" and "The Equalizer" for nothing.

And I thought of the line from Robert A Heinlein's "Beyond this Horizon:"


What if... ?

And a G'day back to you, Dave....

Dick Valentine

Thank you for all you are doing for the inherent, inalienable, born-with, and some say "God-given" right to keep and bear arms.

Dick Valentine

* * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


From: "SAS CA-Jennifer and Joe" []
To: [list]
Sent: Friday, September 29, 2000 10:22 PM
Subject: Support Olympic Shooters

Last Saturday, while we were at the Hollywood Celebrity Shoot, the world's best male shooting athletes entered into their final competition for the Gold. The United States' very own James Graves won the Bronze in Men's Skeet with a final score of 147.0. On September 19, Kimberly Rhode of El Monte, California, won the Bronze in Women's Double Trap (score 139). And on September 16, Nancy Johnson won the first Gold Medal at the Sydney Olympic Games. Her final score in Women's 10M Air Rifle was 497.7

Sadly, very little mention was made of their world-class accomplishments. These fine athletes, who have committed their lives to the shooting sports and who have demonstrated integrity and pride for the United States, are being ignored by the mainstream media.

These so-called journalists have decided to pick and choose the stories they will present according to their own personal agendas. It's time to set the record straight and let the media know that they ultimately work for us -- consumers who fund the advertising that pays their salaries. No longer will we be manipulated by the media elite.

This can be accomplished if we contact all of the news agencies we know of. Demand interviews and recognition for the outstanding achievement of these incredible athletes. Pass this e-mail on to every freedom lover you know so they can also contact the media.

Thank you in advance for supporting this very worthy cause.

Second Amendment Sisters
California Chapter

1. Type "Shooting" in the Search window.
2. Click on "Shooting Home Page."
3. Click on "Medal Winners" on the left menu.



O'REILLY FACTOR: (Be nice to Bill, he's a good guy and will likely interview the athletes if you request it).




CBS EVENING NEWS:,1597,15218-412,00.shtml


Second Amendment Sisters
California Chapter


Both forwarded FYI by the Liberty Crew

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