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May 29, 2001

A Plan for the UN's Gun Burning Party

Dear JPFO Members and Supporters,

Several people asked us what they could do to show their disgust with the UN's gun prohibition agenda. Some folks suggested demonstrations should be organized.

Here's an easy way to protest the UN's plans -- and a great excuse to visit the range:

1. Get some of JPFO's shooting targets that show the UN flag, see

2. Shoot holes in them. (That's the fun part!)

3. Mail them to American politicians and opinion makers with the message "Here is what I think about the UN and its plan to disarm Americans with global 'gun control'." (Or whatever message you'd like).

Option: If you don't want to send a bullet-riddled target, then set it afire and burn part of it ... they'll get the message.

Why use the JPFO UN Flag Target? Because our target is more than just a flag -- it lists (along the bottom) the rights that we Americans lose under UN domination. The politician or media figure who gets this target -- shot full of holes -- will understand exactly why we oppose UN "gun control" and UN infringement of our liberty. The message gets through loud and clear!

We think this kind of protest could have much more effect on influential people than would small demonstrations ... and if the demonstrations were to take place and get at all violent, the media would call them examples of how "dangerous" gun owners are. Rather than expecting fair treatment of the issue by the media, we think directly -- and unforgettably -- delivering our messages to key people can make them totally aware of our views.

Firearms owners aren't "violent" people as rule ... but we are serious and steadfast ... and we are not going to lie down while the UN rolls in to register us and then disarm us. That's what a well-blasted UN flag shooting target says.

You can order the UN flag shooting targets on-line or by telephone (800) 869-1884.

* Also: use the booklet entitled "The United Nations is Destroying your Freedoms" to document what we've been saying -- that the UN endangers not only our right to keep and bear arms, but nearly all of the rights we Americans enjoy.

To the people you send the UN flag target, you could include the booklet -- that's an inexpensive but powerful combination of education and protest -- multiplying the power of our voices.

You can order the UN flag shooting targets & the UN booklet at the website or by phone. Click on:

Or Call: (800) 869-1884


50 UN Target posters $15.95 post paid, Plus 2 free copies of Gran'pa Jack #5 (a $6 value!)
100 UN Target posters $23.95 post paid, plus 6 free copies of Gran'pa Jack #5 (an $18 value!)
200 UN Target posters $34.25 post paid, plus 12 free copies of Gran'pa Jack #5 (a $36 value!)

11 x 17 blue and black ink on white paper. Lists 20 different Constitutional rights you'd loose if the UN has its way.

The Liberty Crew

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