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June 12, 2001

Freedom Summit "Where the Great Minds of Modern Freedom Come Together"

Imagine that you are a freedom lover that has little time to waste and want to make the best use of your time, money and effort in support of freedom (after you have taken care of your day to day responsibilities).

Imagine you have very little patience for those that would bend the truth in an effort to separate you from your hard earned dollars that you have set aside specifically to further freedom.

Imagine that an event has been planned that would provide the personal contacts and information required to make the best and most informed decisions of what to do with your individual resources.

The Founders of the Freedom Summit have accumulated the "Great Minds of Modern Freedom" at a place that offers unlimited opportunities of recreation on a long three day weekend (Columbus Day) at a time of year in Phoenix, Arizona that provides warm days and cool nights that will extend your summer by another month and give you and your family a chance to make new friends and see the unspoiled beauty of the State of Arizona.

A sample of the "Great Minds of Modern Freedom" that you'll be able to share with and learn from:

The speakers, vendors, attendees, time and location have all been selected to provide the most enjoyable freedom vacation with others of like mind that will energize you and help us all understand what is working best and why. We also hope to give advance warning of what is to come.

Freedom Summit has no membership, no dues, no organization to join. Freedom Summit has been formed so that the most capable are provided with the most accurate and untarnished evaluation of our current state of freedom and the most effective methods for individual effort in the promotion of freedom. And the best method is getting together in an atmosphere of fun and friendship.

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