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July 22, 2001

Bill of Rights Special Edition Pistol

Dear JPFO member,

15 December 1791: Ten amendments are added to the Constitution. These amendments expressly limit the government and protect the people - together they form the Bill of Rights. This Bill of Rights distinguishes America from all other nations by weaving bedrock principles into the U.S. Constitution.

Two hundred ten years later: One organization stands steadfastly to support and defend the Bill of Rights. That one organization, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, has demonstrated time and again its dedication to preserving the inalienable freedoms guaranteed by those first ten amendments to the Constitution.

We at Investment Arms, Inc. are proud to recognize this dedication and to further support the activities of JPFO by offering a premier museum-grade version of a very special new collector's firearm: the Bill of Rights Special Edition Pistol.

This special JPFO version adds new elegance to the standard Bill of Rights pistol. Both pistols are based upon the time-proven and revered John Browning-designed 1911A1 pistol, both chamber the .45 ACP cartridge, and both can fully function to defend life or liberty.

Both versions are first finished completely in jeweler's grade nickel silver. True 24-karat gold is then overlaid on the nickel to highlight the intricate engraving. Engraved on the opalescent grips on both pistols is a synopsis of the American Bill of Rights... prominently including the Second Amendment.

While the standard Bill of Rights pistol has a nickeled frame and a 24-karat gold slide, the new JPFO version is finished entirely in heavily layered 24-karat gold. Modestly we must say: this collector's pistol is a beauty!

Only 100 of each version of the Bill of Rights Special Edition Pistol will be made. Each pistol (both versions) is individually numbered - (1 of 100, 2 of 100. . .100 of 100). You may specify your choice of numbers (first come, first served, of course). Once your number is reserved, it is retained exclusively for you. When all one hundred pistols are sold, the series will be closed permanently! No replacements or re-issues will be made.

Owning the JPFO version of this extremely limited edition pistol will proudly proclaim your unwavering support for the Bill of Rights and JPFO.

Let this fine pistol serve as an ambassador of your beliefs, the ultimate functional conversation piece that allows you to educate others about our inalienable rights and freedoms.

Special Bonus: With the sale of each Bill of Rights Special Edition Pistol (either standard or JPFO version), Investment Arms will forward a donation to JPFO to help expand the educational activities of that fine organization. Plus, with each order you will also receive an autographed copy of the new, pro-Bill of Rights book entitled "Hope, authored by JPFO Executive Director Aaron Zelman and award-winning author L. Neil Smith.

Each pistol (of either version) is attractively priced at $2,495 plus $25 shipping and insurance to your licensed firearm dealer. Ask about our no-interest, no finance charge payment program.

To reserve a pistol with your choice of numbers, whether it is a JPFO version or a regular Bill of Rights Special Edition Pistol, please call Investment Arms today toll-free at [CONTACT INFORMATION REMOVED]

Jesse P. Herron,
Bill of Rights Special Edition Project Manager
Investment Arms, Incorporated

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