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October 5, 2001

Teach the Goebbels Graduates a Lesson

On September 11, it suddenly dawned on Americans that the government couldn't protect them from every act of violence. Newly awakened folks went out and boosted U.S. gun sales by 50-75 percent.

Predictably, the anti-self-defense cult (whose cause has recently fallen on hard times) was alarmed at this heresy. But they quickly came up with a counter to this new threat of "gun violence": They're sending downy-cheeked, dewy-eyed students to preach the anti-gun gospel at the doors of gun shops (

These more-educated-than-thou children, sent by the Washington, D.C.-based Alliance for Justice and its "Gun Industry Watch," will be handing out tracts containing the teachings of Arthur Kellermann. Kellermann's pseudoscientific claims (that guns are more dangerous to owners and their families than to criminals) have been so thoroughly debunked (see below) that anyone still preaching the Kellermann Doctrine is operating on blind faith, prejudice, or dogma, not reason.

The message of these holy students (which, by the way, is what "Taliban" means in English) is that you are too stupid to know which end of a weapon to point at whom, or so evil that the mere presence of a firearm in your vicinity will drive you to murderous madness and cause you to pot at your papa, drill holes in your darling daughter, ventilate your Uncle Victor, or snuff yourself. In their view, they're risking their lives standing outside oil-and-leather-reeking dens of death to SAVE you and yours from those evil, demonic guns.

Isn't that just wonderful of them?

We suspect that the savvy left-wing strategists of the Alliance for Justice aren't really hoping to convert and reform gun buyers. Secretly, they'd love it if one of their useful-idiot students got pounded into the pavement by some beefy, camo-clad poster boy for gun violence (sorry, but that's their stereotype, not ours). Nothing would help their cause more than having one of their sweet-cheeked peace-kiddies' bruised faces showing up with Dan Rather.

So if you encounter these young preachers of the anti-gun faith, be nice to them by all means. Don't give them any cause for more publicity. But don't let their preaching of their Goebbels Gospel -- the Big Lie -- go unchallenged. Don't let them get away with their "trust us, don't ask any questions" version of "science."

When they try to thrust false statistics into your hands, counter by thrusting some facts into their brains. You can start by reading up on some of the excellent debunking of Kellermann and his pals. See "Disarming the Data Doctors: How to Debunk the 'Public Health' Basis for 'Gun Control'" ( and "Statistics and 'Gun Control'" (, both by Richard W. Stevens.

Or, since simple little tracts are their favored means of conversion, hand them a little tract crammed full of verifiable information about the protective value -- and the safety -- of guns. In Gran'pa Jack #6 "Will 'Gun Control' Make You Safer?" by Aaron Zelman, JPFO's famous wise grandfather talks with a petitioner very much like those students and gives clear answers to all the typical gun-fearing arguments. (

Or hand them the most aggressive Gran'pa Jack booklet ever published: Gran'pa Jack #7 "Do Gun Prohibitionists Have a Mental Problem?" by Dr. Sarah Thompson and Aaron Zelman. ( This Gran'pa Jack booklet can also help you understand the psychology of gun banners, so you can more effectively work to change their minds.

You might even want to stand next to those students, smiling and handing out Gran'pa Jack booklets to all those new gun owners. Or buy a supply (bulk discounts available) for your local gun dealer to keep on his counter.

Have fun, be nice -- and maybe some of those students will even end up becoming informed gun buyers and gun-rights advocates themselves.

The Liberty Crew

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