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January 8, 2002

Mayor Vera Katz says, "Happy New Year, Thugs and Criminals"

How low will anti-rights leaders stoop in their quest to disarm you? Here's a city mayor and her minions who've gone so far as to break the law and then lie about it.

On New Year's Eve, the city of Portland, Oregon, threw a big bash in Pioneer Courthouse Square. As JPFO supporter Timothy Dunn reported, "Everybody was invited with one exception: Law-abiding citizens of Oregon who had a state-approved, county-issued concealed carry permit and who wished to carry their self-defense weapon on their person for their own protection."

Since roving gangs had terrorized innocent people at the previous year's party, and since courts have ruled that no individual has a right to receive protection from police, midnight partygoers had every reason to come prepared for self-defense. But no. Mayor Vera Katz and her officials set up now-familiar "checkpoints" to ensure that they could not.

Oregon has a state pre-emption law (ORS 166.170, Subsection 2) that categorically forbids local governments from passing firearms restrictions. Mayor Katz and her officials were caught red-handed, breaking that law.

So what do politicians do when caught in criminal acts? They dodge, of course. Questioned by a local rights activist, a Lt. Rowley of the Portland police and Phyliss Oster in the mayor's office insisted that the party was *private* -- that it was being put on by an independent promoter, not the city, and that an entrepreneur was free to make any rules it wished for its own event.

Not quite. According to city documents provided to JPFO by KXL radio talk-show host Lars Larson:

The city paid EnterCom $50,000 to provide the entertainment. As Larson asks, "If it ain't your party, why are you paying the bill?"

When Kevin Starrett of the Oregon Firearms Federation tried to get a restraining order to prevent Portland officials from banning guns in the hands of ccw holders, The Oregonian reported, "Mayor Vera Katz said she was on edge until late in the day, considering calling off the fireworks, concert and downtown celebration should guns be allowed."

Unfortunately, a judge managed to overlook all this evidence of city sponsorship, city control, and city discrimination and upheld the government's position. Starrett is now returning to court to seek injunctive relief for law-abiding gun owners.

(The newspaper also noted that Katz "was fuming at Lars Larson, who she said was using his radio talk show to encourage the injunction attempt." Good going, Lars!)

Dunn wrote, "If the truth be told there is NOTHING a law abiding citizen can do to prove to Mayor Vera Katz that they are a responsible member of society" -- nothing, that is, short of putting themselves at the mercy of "the dregs of society."

A few months ago, we wrote an article asking, "Do Jewish 'Leaders' Want Us All to be Victims?"

It seems Mayor Katz is another "leader" who should be added to the list of vicious fools who, in the name of "safety" aim to disarm the innocent and empower thugs. She should also be added to the list of politicians who, in this corrupt post-Clinton era, are replacing the rule of law in this country with the rule of "whatever I can get away with."

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