February 15, 2002

Who is the Most Dangerous Enemy of the Jews?

Hint: It’s not "the usual suspects"

© By Aaron Zelman
Executive Director, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

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Last week, Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti- Defamation League, condemned a new atmosphere in the Mid- East and Europe that "gives anti-Semitism … a strength and power of seduction that it has never before had in its history."

But angry Arabs aren’t Jews’ most dangerous enemy. Neo-Nazis aren’t Jews’ most dangerous enemy.

Mr. Foxman is right when he says there’s an ominous current of hatred for Jews flowing through the world. There has been for centuries. The current grows turbulent any time some group needs a scapegoat on which to blame its troubles. These are especially dangerous times, as the ADL notes.

But bitter anti-Semites aren’t Jews’ most dangerous enemy, even though the world is rife with them and their threat to us is very real.

Mr. Foxman is a prominent leader of the Jewish people. He is in a position to lead Jews into greater strength and safety against potential threats. He has the power to inspire us to protect ourselves.

What, then, does this man among men, this honored elder, propose that we Jews DO to defend ourselves against this looming worldwide assault of hatred?


Mr. Foxman – like too many others who pose as "leaders" of our culture or our religion – merely whines about how terrible the world is and how frightened we Jews should be. He and similar "leaders" do so much hand-wringing they should open up a hand laundry.



Would troops follow a general whose "leadership" consisted merely of crying, "Oh look, what a nasty enemy we have? Isn’t it just awful that he’s trying to hurt us?"

What nation would look to a "leader" who could only say, "Oh, my! Things are just rotten and getting worse. Poor us!"?

Can a person be a leader if he offers no solutions?

It may be that the world will never love Jews. "The world," after all, hates a lot of people and we Jews, with our history of achievement, make an exceptionally convenient target for envy and blame.

You can’t always make your neighbors love you. But there’s one thing you CAN do: Make them respect you.

Let those who want to annihilate you know that violence will be met with fierce and unhesitating armed self defense. Let them know that you – as an individual and as a people – won’t stand for your own destruction. Make it clear to the world that you have the attitude, the training, and the tools to stop any enemy who assaults you.

Would some pathetic neo-Nazi misfit dare attack a synagogue or a Jewish home if he knew he risked his life to make his cheap little statement? Hardly.

Although desperate suicide bombers may plague Israel, individuals who want to go on living rarely dare to attack that heavily armed populace. Countries who don’t want to face swift military retaliation have stepped carefully, respectfully, around Israel. (This is a strength Israel seems to be losing in its current, unfortunate spirit of appeasement.)

We Jews have a long tradition of heroic self defense.

In the article "Do Jewish ’Leaders’ Want Us All to Be Victims?" I wrote about men like:

  • Asser Levy and Jacob Barsimon, who had to fight anti- Semitism to win the right to bear arms and patrol with the local militiamen in the New Amsterdam colony.
  • The eight Jewish generals and six Jewish Medal of Honor winners in the Union forces in the War Between the States.
  • And of course, Judah Maccabee (once described as "Arnold Schwartzenegger wearing a yarmulke"), the brilliant warrior who captured Jerusalem from the Greeks and rededicated the Temple.

Unfortunately, the Abe Foxmans of the world have tried to bury our Jewish warrior traditions. They’ve replaced them with a new tradition of passivity and victimhood. Mr. Foxman urges upon us the ghetto mentality once fostered by the Judenrat, the Hitler-era Jewish councils: a mentality of fear and compliance.

In the new tradition of Jewish "leaders," whining replaces warriors, ghettos replace guns, and fear replaces fierceness.

Who, then, is the worst enemy of the Jewish people?

It’s the so-called Jewish "leaders" who want only to mire us in helplessness, fear, and dependence.

It’s their kind of thinking that encourages Jews to lie down passively or protest ineffectively while ruthless enemies rampage over them. This is "BOHICA thinking" at its worst – bend over, here it comes again – and again – and again.

In the 1950s and 60s, black people, inspired by courageous leaders, stood tall against a hostile world and demanded their rights. If you’re a Jew who wants to stand tall, then show that same kind of spine. If you want to protect your home, family, country, religion, and culture from annihilation, there is one thing you should do before all others: Reject everything this modern Judenrat wants you to feel, think, or do.

Reject complicity, cowardice, and compromise. Choose the one great strength that commands respect even from those who hate you. Choose intelligent armed defense.


Here’s a reading list we can highly recommend to Mr. Foxman and his fellow "leaders" – although we’ll be very surprised if they stop bleating like sheep long enough to educate themselves about real solutions:

1) Death by "Gun Control",

2) The State vs. the People,

3) The Mitzvah,

4) Hope,

5) Dial 911 and Die,

6) Gran’pa Jack Booklet series



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