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March 1, 2002

Message to America's Gun Clubs and Gun Club Members

To America's Gun Clubs and Gun Club Members:

If you want to end support for "gun control," this letter is for you. If, on the other hand, you're content with the "death of a thousand cuts" that's being committed against your Second Amendment rights, toss this letter in the garbage can.

I'm going to tell you how to strike the single most effective blow against propaganda and public ignorance about firearms. I'm going to offer you a chance to capture Americans' hearts and minds using the very media that's been manipulated by our opponents to turn people against us.

I'm writing to ask you to make a tax-deductable contribution to fund a high-quality one-hour TV documentary, "Innocents Betrayed." This movie shows unforgettably how victim disarmament kills people -- both at the hands of evil, genocidal governments and on the streets of civilized countries.

If you do only one thing for gun rights this year, this should be the one.

This is not just another "armed citizen" movie that anti- gunners can ignore. "Innocents Betrayed," based on the book Death by "Gun Control" by Aaron Zelman and Richard W. Stevens, is history, vivid and irrefutable. Think of Ken Burns' memorable PBS series on the Civil War and you'll have some idea of the impact of "Innocents Betrayed."

A donation toward this $170,000 production may be the most effective money you've ever spent on the battle for your rights -- because this is the kind of message our opponents fear, the kind they can't dismiss, because it's historical and undeniable. And Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is an organization most anti-gunners dread to take on.

Our powerful message will be delivered via the most persuasive medium in modern-day America, television. This visual, visceral approach is long overdue. Our enemies use emotion to sway unthinking people. We'll use emotion, and reason, to help millions understand the true reasons for the Second Amendment.

Consider all that you can accomplish with one check:

In our first several months, we've already raised $35,000 from individuals and organizations. The Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition of Colorado became the first gun club to earn a credit as an organizational sponsor by giving $1,000.

Club officers: Contact me if you're serious about joining the ranks of sponsors. I'll be glad to send you a copy of our budget and other details on the production. Club members: Print out this message and share it with fellow members and officers. Forward it to listservs and other gun-rights supporters. Make a donation of your own and encourage your club to make an even larger one.

With Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership spearheading the effort, you have a low-cost, no-hassle opportunity to reach, potentially, millions of people. Be a victor, not a victim. Seize an unprecedented opportunity to go on the offensive for freedom.

Freedom isn't free -- but today you have an opportunity to win back some freedom by making a big impact on the TV- watching public that's spent way too many years being propagandized by the other side.

Aaron Zelman
Executive Director, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Note: All funds will be held in escrow and will be returned if we don't raise the full amount needed for production.

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