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April 16, 2002

Can the Second Amendment and Social Security Coexist?

Now that you've paid your income taxes, we'd like you to consider a scenario the government would rather you didn't think about:

Is it possible that the much-discussed coming collapse of the social security system is one reason politicians want to eliminate citizen gun ownership? Do they fear that, when the 70-year-old house of cards -- the SS system -- comes tumbling down, citizens might resort to violence? Possibly even violence against corrupt, lying politicians?

That's what Aaron Zelman and Claire Wolfe argue in their explosive new article:

Can the Second Amendment and Social Security Coexist?
Terrified Politicians Believe One or the Other Has to Go

Admittedly, it seems a radical notion that there could be a connection between long-term efforts to prop up the hopeless social security program and the death of the Second Amendment. We don't expect every reader to agree.

But read the article. Think about the situation. Send us your comments. Then watch events unfold. Think about power-hungry politicians react when their personal fiefdoms are threatened, and ask yourself what might happen here.

One financial advisor who reviewed the article told us he expected this scenario to happen sooner, rather than later. You may differ. We ask you only to read and decide independently. And if you think Zelman and Wolfe's scenario is plausible, share the article with friends and neighbors -- and prepare yourself.

The Liberty Crew

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