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May 8, 2002

World War II: They Won the Battle but Lost the War

May 8 is VE Day, the anniversary of the allied victory over the Nazis in World War II. VE Day is one of many occasions on the calendar -- along with VJ Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Patriots Day and more -- that commemorate the valor of American soldiers in the long-fought battle against tyranny.

World War II was one of the longest and greatest of those struggles against all-consuming government power. We owe an incalculable debt to those who gave up their youth, their loved ones, and sometimes their lives for our sakes.

But the question must be asked: Did our fathers and grandfathers really win the war? Or has their sacrifice been betrayed? Have we surrendered the very freedoms these brave men -- and the nurses, WACS, Waves, and Rosie-the-Riveters -- sacrificed to secure for us?

Read "An Open Letter to Our Fathers and Grandfathers: You Won the Battle But Lost the War" at

In this article Aaron Zelman -- Vietnam veteran and executive director of JPFO -- asks the hard question, but also points the way toward the restoration of freedom.

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As a bonus, there's also a copy of the Bill of Rights with modern-English explanations of what each article means -- a great tool for educating friends and neighbors who think they can't understand the Founders' language.

Don't let such a hard-won victory be lost! Read, think, discuss the meaning of freedom with veterans and non-veterans alike. American freedom is down now, but America has been down before -- and always rises again.

The Liberty Crew

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