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July 1, 2002

Congressman Paul Agrees: A Police State is Blowing in the Wind

If you have ever thought that JPFO or CCOPS tend to exaggerate the danger posed by an advancing police state in America, then kindly read this excerpt from the June 27, 2002 speech to Congress by Congressman Ron Paul:

"Mr. Speaker, what, then, is the answer to the question: 'Is America a Police State?' My answer is: 'Maybe not yet, but it is fast approaching.' The seeds have been sown and many of our basic protections against tyranny have been and are constantly being undermined. The post-9/11 atmosphere here in Congress has provided ample excuse to concentrate on safety at the expense of liberty, failing to recognize that we cannot have one without the other."

Congressman Paul's speech explains exactly why he fears a police state is near.

Read his speech in its entirety:

Dr. Paul's speech touches the main points. Our award-winning new book, The State vs. The People, provides the documented facts and paints the whole picture.

(Order this book:

Read the speech -- Read the book. You'll rapidly understand why a growing number of Americans worry that a police state lurks nearer than ever.

With Dr. Paul's speech to Congress and the compelling facts in The State vs. The People, you can help us all resist and repel the police state policies and mentality that is sweeping the federal government. The information empowers you to influence friends, neighbors, police officers, military members, even politicians and judges.

Congressman Paul believes that precious little time is left for us to act. So do we.

The Liberty Crew

ALSO: Read HOPE to see a vision of America turned away from the police state and returned to its founders' ideals:

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