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August 20, 2002

Vin S. Knee-caps Big Brother -- Come and Watch!

Knee-Capping Big Brother
By Richard W. Stevens

A review of The Ballad of Carl Drega, by Vin Suprynowicz
Reno, NV: Mountain Media Publishers
2002, 690 pages

Fighting for liberty is not fun. That is, unless you are reading Vin Suprynowicz's latest book, The Ballad of Carl Drega. Vin's collection of essays and e-mail dialogues covers a lot of ground: the tyranny of taxation, the "drug war," environmentalism, the federal war on western lands, the excesses of alleged "child protective" agencies, and more.

On the right to keep and bear arms, Vin stands openly on the highest peak, a full-auto in each hand, locked and loaded. Few writers have his skill of saying absolutely clearly what positively needs to be said. Nobody can accuse Vin of hedging his opinions with weasel words. I love it.

Consider this question we all hear now and again delivered with a sneer: "So you think everybody has the right own a machine gun, huh? And a nuclear bomb, too?"

Vin replies: "Individual Americans have the right, power, and authority to own nuclear weapons." He doesn't just say it; he proves why this is true.

And he is right. Our government, thank you, Thomas Jefferson, derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. That means the government has only the powers that we as individuals have, because we as individuals delegate those powers to that government. We are "the governed," so we give our consent to form and finance the government. The government's license to make, buy, possess, store and use nuclear weapons comes from the consent of the governed. We grant the license to have nukes to the government -- without our consent, the government has no legitimate power to possess nukes or anything else.

Shuddering to think that individual citizens have the primary right to have nukes? Then consider: individual citizens have the power to deploy nukes right this very minute. Whom do you think is running the missile silos, doing the maintenance, and making sure the "red button" works? Citizens like you and me. That the workers wear uniforms makes no difference. When it comes to nuclear mistakes, it doesn't matter that the errant button pusher in khaki might face a court martial after the mushroom cloud clears.

The title of Vin's book comes from a true story. His retelling of Carl Drega's saga draws the reader deep into the book with his powerful easy-reading style. I won't give away Drega's story or its startling ending, nor reveal too early the other maddening tales of tax tyranny, vicious bureaucracy, and nanny-state coercion. You need to buy the book. You'll read it, and you will keep reading it, until the deep understanding overcomes you. You will set the book down, knowing exactly why you still fight for liberty against incredible odds.

If you are familiar at all with JPFO's work, then you'll be gratified to see several JPFO names, books and ideas put to excellent use. Because Vin Suprynowicz is first a career journalist, you'll enjoy the short newspaper-length stories delivered in fast-paced, fact-based style. And some of the e-mail correspondence is amazing.

People (like me), who write and publish arguments against the ballooning killer-clown in Washington, need article ideas, new ways to phrase a thought, quotable quotes and website resources. The Ballad of Carl Drega supplies all of these and more. Just today, for example, I am using information from the book about the rise of fingerprint fascism.

Buy this book for yourself -- and for the college student you know who wants to really shake up the campus. You'll like the book. You'll use it. You won't forget it.

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