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October 10, 2002

Our Readers Comment on the Maryland-DC Shootings

On Monday, the Liberty Crew sent an alert speculating that the tragic "suburban sniper" murders are uncannily "good" for the aims of gun prohibitionists ( We stayed away from some of the more conspiritorial speculations, fearing to seem paranoid.

But our readers offered ideas we hadn't considered. The response was interesting enough that we thought JPFO list subscribers would enjoy reading portions of it. We've pasted a few comments below. JPFO doesn't necessarily endorse any particular viewpoint, but we do applaud gun-rights supporters for being astute observers and skeptical investigators.

Another item on the victim-disarmament wish list has been brought to the fore by these shootings: the faulty scheme to create a "ballistic fingerprint" of every firearm sold in the U.S. Advocates claim such a registry would allow police to rapidly identify any gun used in a shooting. It would NOT do that -- but it would give the government a registry of every legal firearms owner (not to mention doubling the price of "pre-fingerprint" weapons, as the "assault weapons" ban doubled the price of firearms like the pre-ban AR-15). Our friend Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America appeared on National Public Radio this week, discussing this very subject. We invite you to listen to Larry as he goes head to head with Jim Kessler of Americans for Gun Safety in this NPR interview. You can find the audio at

And now to our readers' comments:


B.J. writes:

These are being described as "thrill killings". If that is established, only the use of a .223 firearm is different from the Leopold & Loeb case of nearly a century ago. As a former competitor in IHMSA, I can tell you that a single-shot pistol in the right (or wrong) hands is almost as effective at long ranges as a rifle. We shot out to 500 yards, limited by range space, and many of our shooters dropped essentially all the targets, one shot each.


Under the heading "Is the DC sniper Lon Horiuchi?" an anonymous correspondent observes:

He fits the profile.


K.H. adds:

Is there any way that the ballistics from these rifle shells used in the latest killings can be matched up with the rifles BATF used in the Ruby Ridge & Waco murders?


F.L.H. writes:

Thank you for never giving up. I thought that Attorney General Ashcroft was a American patriot, and a defender of the second amendment. Now you are telling me he is also a liar, a traitor, and a freedom destroyer. That is a painful message. ... (As a survivor of Nazi Germany must I experience a Communist, or Nazi America, and more agony right into the grave?)


C.C. says:

Thank You for your insightful commentary, justified statements and knowledge on the subject of "idiots and gun control". I appreciate your stance.

-- A Baptist, Criminologist, who lets George Bush's "Secret Service Agents" shoot and train on his range, just over the hill from the western Whitehouse ...


- From Montgomery County, Maryland, the major scene of the murders, N.B. writes:

... [O]ur forefathers would have ... sent out the town crier, rounded up the militia with their muskets, a pound of shot and flask of powder.

A century later it would have been a posse, or the local hired gun sheriff or city constable on patrol.

It's two centuries later and our children are being slaughtered in the government schools, gun-free zones, and who do we turn to?

It has occurred to me that nearly everyone, from my neighbors, shaking in their boots, afraid to send their children off to school tomorrow ... to our inarticulate and ineffectual chief of Police Charles Moose, who all say there just aren't enough police to go around. ...

[After a discussion of the ways trained observers determine the source of a shot in a busy, noisy environment, N.B. continues:]

He has time to kill. Time to wait, and calmly drive off in the flow of traffic.

Who can stop such a killer?

The average beat cop? They can't stop carjackings, rapes, home invasions or any of a number of other violent crimes by their presence on the street. How can they possibly have an affect in this circumstance?

I don't think they can, or should, or should have to.

Those of you who have read 18USC310, and Article I section 8 of our Constitution ... know that it is our sacred duty as the adults in our society to stand up for women and children, not to throw them to the wolves to save our own hides. ...

[W]e, the body of citizens made up of men ages 15 to 45... have an obligation to DO something here, and now.

We are the militia. The original homeland security.

What if we propose taking turns guarding schools at our own neighborhood schools; armed of course.

And why not? We've trained in manuals of arms for many different weapons, we probably spend more time at the range in a month than the cops do in a year. Who better to identify the barrel of a gun, the glint of a scope or other aiming device, locate the source of a gunshot, identify and possibly stop perpetrator(s)? Who among the citizenry has the correct moral standing to watch over our own children? I would rather take a chance catching a bullet while guarding my children at play than get a phone call from some anonymous but well-meaning school representative or cop. Would a street cop put him or herself in line for a sniper's bullet to protect MY kid? ...

Can you imagine the indignant rage and hypocrisy of the well- guarded elites in this state, home of the nation's most robbed and now number three in violent crime and murder if we demanded our rights as parents and citizens to defend our own children? They'd go ballistic, don't you think? How do you think they'd respond to the assertion that We The People can do a better job guarding our own children than the police have so far, can, or will?

You know, I just can't help the thought that despite the dog and pony show, the inexorable grind towards squashing yet another of our freedoms, pushing towards what VPC and the Brady Bunch are calling for (an NFA registry of "sniper rifles" or mandatory fingerprinting in contravention to GCA 68), we're not being told the whole story here.


Finally, from M.D.:

How do we know that the shooter is not a woman? These 'profilers' are not considering the following:

1. The weapon could be a .223 target pistol.

2. Women dominate this sport in INTERNATIONAL competition.

3. The requirement for the shooter to be unnoticed (who'd expect a woman?).

4. The incredible accuracy at targets where a long range shot would have been out of the question (ie. No model 800 Remmington, chambered .223, all the 'sniper' goodies; from the prone 500-1500 meters).

5. 65% of international terrorists are women.

6. These women are selected and trained so that they would blend into the target population.

7. The average female terrorist has a Masters Degree.

8. These women are usually visually attractive (At target installations male guards are disarmed by their personality and beauty).

9. These women are less likely to be used in suicide bombings.

10. These women often are the recon elements, often technicians in explosive operations.

Question is: will GW take the Clintonesque way out of this obvious terrorist operation? Clinton convinced the American people that two airliners that were not shot down (1000's of witnesses), that certain acts of terror overseas were unconnected, that ANFO blew up a bombproof building (allowing the agent involved in the sting operation to take the rap; taking the truth to his grave). ...

[According to the media] The profile has to be a white male, nobody will get upset seeing that the new 'nigger' is the white male (who own 90% of the guns that keep the jackboots from taking over). More terrorism will hurt the economy ... so let it slide just like Clinton did.


The Liberty Crew

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